Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

In the education sector, DAM is now works through field-based programmes and institution-based services with focused interventions. ECD programme is now expanded, incorporating intensive parent-children interaction through community-based integrated ECD model. Wider implementation of multi-grade NFPE for OOSC is explored through partnership with GoB and NGOs. Technical collaboration with formal and non-formal education providers is intensified with particular focus on teachers’ professional development. Aiming at developing a learning society, functioning of community-based literacy and lifelong centres is promoted for expansion of literacy programmes and reading promotion at all levels. TVET programmes compatible with the national standard (NTVQF) is being expanded through triple mode of delivery (institution based, community based and workplace based) to reach the young groups living in poverty and remote locations. Closely functional relations have been developed with the employers/industries and the government TVET offices to update courses, improve delivery modes, accreditation and providing employment support services. In support of quality education, besides promoting reading materials, digital and interactive learning material are being developed for use at all levels of education.

Major education Programmes (Field Based):