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DAM’s commitment to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
Dhaka Ahsania Mission has been implementing a good number of projects, programmes and interventions in the field of Education, Health, Economic development, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, , Climate change & Disaster Risk reduction, Agriculture and Rights & Governance guided by DAM Strategic plan 2015-2025.  Since the introduction of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by the United Nations and subsequent commitments of our Government to achieve the goals by 2013, like other agencies and organizations, DAM also has started to familiar with the SDGs and make strides for aligning its development initiatives with the SDG targets and indicators.
Currently DAM is working with Six  goals (Goal-1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 13 & 16) out of 17 SDGs.
As part of SDG orientation as well as celebrating the organization’s 60th year of anniversary, DAM has been organizing series of seminars on SDG through the year 2018. Also, DAM has been an active partner of Govt’s NGO Affairs Bureau to comply with NGOAB’s instructions in relation to SDG implementation.
Following are the presentations of all SDG seminars, so far organized by DAM:
  1. Goal 1 End Poverty
  2. Goal 2 End Hunger
  3. Goal 3 Good health
  4. Goal 4 Inclusive & Quality Education
  5. Goal 5 Gender Equality
  6. Goal 7 Energy for All
  7. Goal 13 Climate change
  8. Goal 16 Peace
  9. Goal 11 Sustainable Cities
  10. Goal 8 Decent Work & Economic Growth
  11. Goal 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

DAM SDG Seminar calendar 2018


You can also have a view of SDG action Plan (2017-18) being implemented by DAM, here


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