DAM At a glance

Founder : Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.) Date of establishment : 9 February, 1958 Legal Status :
  • Department of Social Welfare registration number: 316/1963
  • Registered under the Societies Act: Registration no. S5682 (799)/06
  • Registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau: Registration no. 246 09/12/1987
  • Registered with the MRA: License no. DFED- 00109-02243-00747
  • EU PADOR Registration: EuropeAid ID: BD-2007-EBX-2711554473
Motto : Divine & Humanitarian Service Founding Aims :
  • To develop the social and spiritual life of the entire human community
  • To annihilate the distinction between human beings
  • To cultivate unity and brotherhood and inspire divine love
  • To teach one one’s insignificance and shun one’s pride
  • To enable one to recognize and realize the relation between the Creator and the creation
  • To enable one to realize the duty of man to his Creator and his fellow beings
  • To render all possible help to the suffering humanity at a large
Affiliations with United Nations Agencies Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC Consultative Status with UNESCO International Offices and Representatives Offices: UK, USA Representatives: Canada, Australia sector-wise-geographical-coverage

DAM Institutions Education Institutions
  • Khan BahadurAhsanullah Teachers Training College (KATTC)
  • Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST)
  • Ahsanullah Institute of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (AITVET)
  • Ahsania Mission Technical & Vocational Education and Training Institute (TVET), Pallabi, Mirpur, Shyamoly, Gazipur & Jashore
  • Ahsanullah Institute of Information & Communication Technology (AIICT)
  • Ahsania Mission College (AMC)
  • Centre for International Education and Development (CINED)
  • Ethics Education for Sustainable Development (E2SD)
  • Bangladesh Institute of Lifelong Learning (BILL)
  • Little Ducklings Daycare, Preschool &Playzone
  • Ahsania Mission Medical College (AMMC), Uttara, Dhaka
  • Ahsania Mission Institute of Medical Technology (AMIMT)
  • Khulna Khan BahadurAhsanullah University, Khulna
  • Ahsania Mission University of Science & Technology, Rajshahi
  • Ahsania Mission Polytechnic Institute, Jeshore
Health Institutions
  • Ahsania Mission Cancer & General Hospital (AMCGH), Uttara
  • Ahsania Mission Cancer Detection & Treatment Centre, Mirpur
  • Ahsania Mission Institute of Medical Technology (AMIMT)
  • Addiction Management & Integrated Care (AMIC)
  • Ahsania Mission Female Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center, Dhaka
  • Ahsania Mission Male Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center, Gazipur
  • Ahsania Mission Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center, Jashore
  • Hena Ahmed Hospital (HAH)
  • Ahsania Hena Ahmed Monojotno Kendro
  • Monasef Ahsania Health Center
Economic Development Institutions
  • Ahsania Mission Book Distribution House (AMBDH)
  • Nogordola
  • Hajj Finance Company Limited (HFCL)
  • Ahsania E Solutions (AES)
  • DAM Foundation for Economic Development (DFED)
  • Ahsania Press & Publication (APP)
Social Development Institutions
  • Ahsania Institute of Sufism (AIS)
  • Ahsania Hajj Mission (AHM)
  • Alokito Media Limited
  • Ahsania Mission Children City (AMCC)
  • KNH Ahsania Centre for Abandoned Children Destitute Women (KANAN)
  • Thikana (Shelter Home), Jessore