Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Field based major economic development services are provided through the  microfinance programme of DAM. The programme is now being institutionalized as DAM Foundation for Economic Development (DFED). It’s  future direction will be both horizontal and vertical expansion by offering demand-driven new products. Promoting SME and Islamic Microfinance will be two thrust areas as cross-cutting approach in the next decade. Diversification of agricultural credit schemes for increased women involvement in agricultural technology and promotion of youth entrepreneurship development will be the two main planks of DFED. In the agriculture loan, specific focus will be on value chain development. As part of governance improvement, DFED would go for digitization both programmatically and institutionally by introducing mobile banking and mobile-based monitoring. Special efforts will be made to increase mobilization of internal resources by diversifying savings products and service packages. Effective marketing strategy will be developed to ensure client uptake.

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