Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM), a voluntary non-profit development organisation is well-known for its activities in Bangladesh, which is contributing towards sustainable development for the poorest of the poor for the last 56 years. The Mission was established by an eminent educationalist, soicial reformier and Sufi Saint Hazrat Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R) in the yeart 1958. Being patronized by renowned personalities like Sher-e-Bangla A.K.Fazlul Haque and Dr. Md. Shahidullah, DAM has moved forward and attained today’s high achievement owing to the highly motivated and dedicated work force and the continuous physical, mental and financial support of the general public. DAM is now willing to further increase the people’s participation in its overall developmented activities so that it can be of more useful to the distressed people through undertaking different development projects with the regular physical, moral and financial support from you all.

With this view in mind, DAM has formed “Ahsania Mission Support Forum” with participation from all strata of population inclusive of professionals, service holders or other members of the public who are willing to contribute their time give support and provide regular financial contribution (monthly/quarterly) against various development activiites. This is one of the fund raising methods now being followed globally by most of international agencies and charity organizations for implementing different projects in the developing world. As an exemple, “Arigato Foundation” in Japan has more than 35000 members; each of whom contributes 7000 Yen per month. As a result, its monthly collection comes to more than 24.50 crore yen eqivalent to Tk. 19.355 crore. With this fund they can take any inititiative for the cause of huminity any time they desire. Similarly, DAM hopes that Ahsania Mission Support Forum will be able to generate similar interest within the general public to make thousands of members through which DAM would initiate many projects with their contribution in the near future.

The Aims and objectives of Ahsania Mission Support Forum are:
  1. Increasing mass participation for the development activities of DAM
  2. Fund raising for enhencement of developmental activities of DAM
  3. Taking initiative for implementation of new projects.
  4. Providing financial support to the ongoing projects for itheir uninterrupted copmpletion.

We cordially invite you kindly to join Ahsania Mission Support Forum. Membership forms and other relevant papers are provided below.

We hope your involvement will strengthen the forum and make it dynamic. Your participation, advice and regular financial contribution will help DAM to make a happy and prosperous Bangladesh by addressing the real needs of the distressed people.

For more visit the following link:
Ahsania Mission Support Forum