Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Internship and Study visits

DAM offers internship to students towards promotion of international understanding, sharing of good practices and facilitating increase of knowledge base on development education among the students in higher education. Beside students from college and university in Bangladesh, students studying in other countries, irrespective of nationalities, are encouraged as intern to work in DAM. Requests are examined as to its appropriateness on case-to-case basis following a set of guidelines mentioned below:

Guidelines for Internship and Study Visits:

  1. Request for internship to work with DAM should be sent to DAM Dhaka Office along with a personal data sheet or CV mentioning academic qualification, area of specialization or interest, past experience, age, name of institution, country of origin, etc. The request should indicate clearly the proposed period of her/his engagement with DAM. She/he must also mention the purpose for proposing to work with DAM and the output he/she plans to achieve out of the work.
  2. Request for study visits should also contain the areas of interest, programmes/ projects she/he wants to visit together with duration of the visit. A brief profile of the persons requesting visits needs to be seat beforehand.
  3. Except in special situation, DAM will not have any financial liability whatsoever. The incumbent will bear her/his food and accommodation expenses, international and domestic transportation costs and any other cost by themselves. However, DAM may assist them in getting appropriate accommodation and in making the incumbent’s living comfortable as far as possible.
  4. DAM will attach such personnel either with any department at the Head Office or with any of the field offices commensurate with her/his work specification. In that event they will be required to bear their food and accommodation cost at the working station.
  5. DAM will facilitate her/his working while in DAM and shall be working under the direct supervision of DAM personnel. In case of any problem or difficulty, shall communicate with his/her Supervisor/Chief Executive.
  6. Any foreign national working with DAM or visiting DAM programmes shall be required to have a respectful attitude towards the cultural norms and ethical values in the country as well as in the organization;
  7. The persons/team will cooperate with DAM in the smooth running of its existing programmes and may offer suggestions for improvement, but in no circumstances will create any obstacle in the smooth running of DAM’s programme.
  8. Under no circumstances, a foreign national working with DAM as volunteer or in any other capacity, shall engage in any other activity with any other organization without prior approval of DAM. In each such case, the assignee shall sign a contract containing terms and conditions of such assignment/placement.
  9. He/She will have to prepare a report on his/her work and submit it to DAM at the end of contractual period. When an assignee develops any report or paper on her/his experiences of working with DAM, DAM’s contribution shall be acknowledged there. A copy of the report should also be given to DAM. Any report on completion of an assignment or any part there of must be counter-signed lay the respective supervisor.
  10. In case of foreigners on study visit, fellowship, apprenticeship, attachment with DAM for a certain period of time DAM may require them to pay for their facilitation/training, etc. depending upon the nature of work and extent of involvement of DAM personnel. This will be decided on case-to-case basis.
  11. Conditions for in-country and expatriate visitors / interns are similar, except requirements for the foreign nationals as per law of Bangladesh.