Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

The WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Sector of Dhaka Ahsania Mission is one of its oldest sectors. This sector was formed in1997. Since then, it has been working on providing WASH facilities to the destitute and deprived people of Bangladesh in accordance with the dream of Khan BahadurAhsanullah, founder of Dhaka Ahsania Mission. DAM WASH Sector has completed numerous projects all over the country to aid people in distress. DAM WASH Sector’s goals and objectives are based on the principle that all the people, irrespective of age, sex, cast, creed and socio-economic status should have access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. DAM WASH Sector has given support to the unserved community and educational institutions of the coastal region, haor areas, varendra region, hilly areas, chars, and suburban areas. It has been working on ensuring safe water and sanitation facilities, as well as making sure that the appropriate behavioral changes occur enabling the people to use said facilities, thus improving their quality of life.

In recent times, DAM WASH Sector has set foot in the field of advocacy and capacity building, in addition to providing hardware support through various projects. In order to build the capacity of the field staff, community leaders, volunteers, the bar association, caretakers, and LGI employees, DAM has been conducting various trainings from time to time. DAM also makes handbooks, guidelines, brochures, technology albums, training manuals, and ICC-BCC materials to aid the capacity building endeavors. According to the DAM strategy papers and recent conditions, DAM’s health and WASH Sector has combinedly set wheels in motion that will implement projects which will strengthen and broaden WASH activities in the national level.

OurTarget:The goal of the sector is expanding WASH facilities towards an equitable and sustainable access for all.

The objectives of the sector are:

  • Increased access to safe water for households used by diversifying hardware technology and promoting water enterprises at the local level
  • Intensifying hygiene promotion and cleanliness campaign in the schools, communities, and townships
  • Gradual expansion in WASH programmes in new urban settlements, secondary towns, and growth centres
  • Policy advocacy with GO-NGO sectors for the inclusion of poor and disabled persons
  • Expanding faecal sludge management in secondary towns.

Major water and sanitation Programmes (Field Based):