Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Given DAM’s institutional mandate, disadvantaged and underprivileged people will continue to be primary groups with which DAM will work. Such groups will include people living in poverty, minorities groups, and new migrants in urban area, environmental migrants, and people with disabilities. Considering population dynamics and current socio-economic development trend, the major concentration will be on children, youths and adolescents across different income groups, women, and people with disability and marginalised groups of people. The third level of concentration will be on older people, and disaster and climate change affected population.

Field based Total Programme Participants in FY: 2022-2023

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sectorwise Field Program Participant
Population Coverage (Direct only) Financial Year 2019-2020
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Core sectors

• Education

• Health

• Economic development.

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• Agriculture

Cross-cutting sectors

• Rights and Govemance

• Climate change and DRR