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Economic Development Institutions

Hajj Finance Company Limited (HFCL)
Institutions Hajj Finance Company Ltd.

Hajj Finance Company Limited is a Shariah-based non-banking financial institution licenced by Bangladesh Bank under the Financial Institution Act 1993.

It obtained its license on 6 September 2006 and commenced business on 2 July 2007.

The company follows the model of Malaysia's pilgrims fund and management institution (popularly known as "Tabung Hajj").

It mobilizes deposits from would-be pilgrims and invests its fund in Shariah-based activities

It provides Hajj services.

Currently, it has two branches, namely, Principle Branch at 72 Dilkuhsa, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh (opended since 2 july 2007) and BaitulMukarramMasjidComplexBranch at 67 Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh (opended since 28 February 2009)

The company is jointly owned by Global Hajj and Umra International Corporation and Dhaka Ahsania Mission .

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Ahsania E Solutions Limited (AES)
Ahsania E Solutions Ltd. ( AES )
Ahsania E Solutions Ltd. (AES) is a highly professional and reliable E solutions and service provider in Bangladesh that opens its doors for global outsourcing services. Over 20 years of experience in graphic design and with the stat of the art technology, AES offers the best possible graphic solutions that will cater the needs and requirements of its clients in global standards.We believe in strategic flexible approach that gives us satisfied clients all over the world. During this long span of time AES-Team has earned a strong presence in design and development technologies in local and international market.
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Ahsania Mission Book Distribution House (AMBDH)

Bangladesh historically inherits a great culture and tradition that includes crafts in daily life and livelihood. The rural-based infrastructure has made it a potential ground for the development of numerous items. The items produced by early craftsmen are not only singularly beautiful but also the representative of the country identity, art, heritage, tradition and customs of the country. With the passage of time, new modern styles and designs have been adapted and this has paved the way for a unique blend of the old and the new. Dhaka Ahsania Mission being a reputed NGO in social and human capital development realized the present needs of rural artisans and buyers interest that includes high society and visitors from abroad.

Another tendency that has been observed is to show interest about western styles and designs and adapt the same in life styles which are challenging in promotion of handicrafts and handloom sector of our country as well as conservation of traditional art, heritage and cultural identity Bangladesh . To address those issues Dhaka Ahsania Mission has been established "Nogordola" for our heritage and cultural promotion, sustainability of handicraft and artisans in line with modern style and technology.

Ahsania Press & Publication (APP)
DAM Foundation for Economic Development (DFED)
DAM Foundation for Economic Development (DFED)

For the ongoing microfinance programme of DAM, being institutionalized as DAM Foundation for Economic Development (DFED), the future direction will be both horizontal and vertical expansion by offering demand-driven new products. Promoting SME and Islamic Microfinance will be two thrust areas as cross-cutting approach in the next decade. Diversification of agricultural credit schemes for increased women involvement in agricultural technology and promotion of youth entrepreneurship development will be the two main planks of DFED. In the agriculture loan, specific focus will be on value chain development. As part of governance improvement, DFED would go for digitization both programmatically and institutionally by introducing mobile banking and mobile-based monitoring. Special efforts will be made to increase mobilization of internal resources by diversifying savings products and service packages. Effective marketing strategy will be developed to ensure client uptake.

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