Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Introductio:
Under the financial support from Society General- France Dhaka Ahsania Mission has been implementing 2nd phase of the project “Providing Working Children with Functional Education and Marketable Skills”in partnership with CARE Bangladesh in Uttara area under Dhaka City Corporation and Gazipur City Corporation (Tongi area) under Gazipur district from September 2011 for covering 30 moths period. CARE Bangladesh is also playing facilitating the external relation with the project counterpartsMain activities of the project:Functional Education and Life Skills: The selected 1000 working children will receive 20 months literacy and numeracy skills education of those working children who are aged between 11–14 years. In addition life skills will be provided to the learners, which include communication, behavioral issues, negotiation, and leadership and inter personal skills. 

Marketable Skills Development Training:The 8-months long 2nd cycle intends to focus on marketable skills development training and advance level career building skills training, which will significantly broaden their options, expand the opportunities for the future and increase income-earning potentials of the working children. Marketable skills training will be provided to 1250 of 13-17 years old children who will attend or previously attended in functional education program and also school dropped out children.

Pre-Schooling:The Preschool learning centers will be venue for a pre-schooling for 400 younger children aged 5 to 6. The pre-school is a 1-year curriculum that will prepare children socially, emotionally and cognitively for admission at formal primary school and reduce the risk to become child laborers.

Child Resource Centre (Amader Thikana):Child Resource Centre is called as “Amader Thikana” is an inclusive approach in the society that encourages the project participants to promote the enabling environment of disadvantaged and privileged children for mainstreaming by the project through ensuring the effective community. The CRC is also aimed to reduce any kind of child violence and abuse in the community, establish rights of working children, capacity and rapport building and integration between the privileged and underprivileged children, networking with NGOs, Community and Government of Bangladesh for building social bondage and continuing the project initiative by the community people after withdraw the direct support.

Networking and advocacy:Networking and Advocacy initiative will be organized in order to create synergy between the project’s stakeholders (government and NGOs), and to strengthen the existing networks. These initiatives will ultimately contribute to CARE’s Urban Empowerment objective by leading to a more coordinated decision-making process and by leveraging a mutual expertise and experience.
Goal and Objective: The main objective of the proposed action is to develop the human capital of children by providing them competencies and skills that are in demand and by setting a supportive community environment.


Expected results:

  • Children will have access to quality education, including functional skills, numeric skills and life-skills.
  • Working children will have expand opportunities by developing marketable skills which improved their positions in the workplace, reduced vulnerability to exploitation, and exercised greater control over their lives.
  • Working Children productivity is expected to increase and their income earning potentials.
  • Young children will achieve the pre school competencies and enroll formal school.
  • Child Resource Center will be providing continuing education, job information, make linkage with expected institute and promote barrier free society

Who the project will serve/is serving (gender disaggregated data if possible by category of recipients)
Working children of 11 to 15 years old, children old 5-6 years old of the families who are engaged in daily labour, rickshaw puller, industry labour and house maids etc., the employers and community people of the project area. The girls children are given priority to access in service. More than 50% girls will get benefits from the project.

Project Duration: 31 months (from September 2011 to March 2014)

Start date: 01 September 2011

Financial partner (Donor): Society General through CARE France

Implementing agency : CARE Bangladesh

Project Location/s and number of Field offices:
Project office: House # 67, Flat- B, Road # 11, Sector # 10, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230

Number of project staffs and volunteers: 48 (including 39 volunteers)

Contact Person : Md. Shahidul Islam, Team Leader, Education Sector
E-mail :,,