Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Introduction:
This document focuses on the phase 1 pilot project: proof of concept. This document comprises the technical and operational activities in detail. Activities related to business planning, marketing of the project, stakeholder engagement and communications are being detailed in the business plan.
The purpose of this test plan is to provide procedures for all participants involved in testing FTC and related equipment to ensure quality test data. This test program comprises three FTC units that will be tested for a period of 18 months. The results are expected to greatly accelerate the innovative FTC technology to treat brackish and arsenic contaminated water into the Bangladesh rural market place making water treatment technology widely available for local entrepreneurs.Goal and Objective:
The main goal of the test program is to proof the concept; the focus is on testing the technical aspects of the device. Besides, EMF takes the opportunity to test the basic commercial assumptions of the business plan. 

Establish within 10 years up to 30,000 financially independent micro water businesses in Bangladesh. Of course this is a very challenging goal; however it underlines the sense of urgency and market potential.

The objectives of this test programme are to:

  • present data on the impact of variations in feed water quality such as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), arsenic, iron, phosphate and manganese on performance;
  • determine the logistical, human and economic resources necessary to operate and maintain the equipment;
  • determine the reliability, ruggedness and ease of operation and maintenance;

Determine and optimize detailed system design and operating specifications shaped by installation, operation, resources and economic requirements and test results.

Outputsà Resultsà Outcome:                

  • A Community level baseline Survey was Completed and “A community perspective on the desirability and feasibility of micro drinking water businesses in Bangladesh “on this title a research Paper was completed.
  • A capDI System with whole structural setup was already installed and first trial run was successfully completed.
  • A Opening Ceremony and Local level Workshop was Completed of 1st Plant


  • From the Sujol Plant 1st test site Kalaroa near about 250HH people are drinking water from the plant.


Who the project will serve/is serving (gender disaggregated data if possible by category of recipients)
Run by the Community

Project Duration: 1year 6 Months

Start date: July 2011

Financial partner (Donor): EMF

Project Location/s and number of Field offices:  Baksha (Hatatgonge ), Kalaroa, Satkhira

Budget with annual breakup:

Year wise Budget  (Approved from NGOAB)
Year Budget
July,2011-June’2012 7839064/-
July,2012-December-2012 1564634/-

Number of project staffs and volunteers : 6 Persons (Project Manager-1, Project Engineer-1,Co-ordinator Social Mobilizer-1,Field Engineer-3)and No volunteers

Upazila level staffs: 3(Field Engineer -3), No volunteers

Contact Person      : Syed Nur-A-Alam Siddique, Team Leader, WatSat Programms
E-mail                        : siddique@, ,
Cell No                       : 01746-698365