Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Name: School Feeding Programme In Poverty Prone Areas

Project Introduction:

School feeding program is a most effective program to ensure quality primary education of Bangladesh. Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) is implementing this Program in 104 proverty prone upazilas of Bangladesh by the technical support of World Food Program (WFP).Dhaka Ahsania Mission working as an implementation partner in 5 upazila of Mymensingh district. The upazila’s are Phulpur, Tarakanda, Dhobaura, Nandail and Ishwargonj. Though this program 5 + primary school going students get 75 grams High Energy Biscuits in (HEB) every school day of 676 primary schools. The total number of students is 170406.

Project Agreement Number: SFP/DPE/FLA No/July 2019-June 2020/001/DAM

Overall Objective: contribute to the government policy of universal primary education by improving access to basic education of School-aged children, particularly those living in poverty prone areas.

Specific Objectives:

  • Increase primary school enrolment, attendance and reduce dropout rates.
  • Improve attention span and learning capacity of students through addressing short- term hunger; and
  • Sensitize and build-up capacities of local communities to operate School feeding/Food for Education programme
  • Improving the concentration span and learning capacity of students by alleviating short-term hunger
  • Contributing to alleviation of micronutrient deficiency.

Outputs: At present about 55% children are suffering from serious malnutrition and under-weight which reduce the learning and memory capacity of the children. From the fact and the study report it is very clear that if school-feeding program can be continued the students will be attentive to their education. The dropped out students will again attend school and absenteeism due to hunger will be to some extent removed. Food security of the poor children will be ensured and mal- nutrition among the poor school going children will be addressed. Also through these activities, it is expected that awareness of students and communities will be raised on nutrition and health.

Project Components: Organize proper storage/ warehouse facilities locally for maintaining the quality of the food. Ensure secondary transport and distribution from warehouse to Final Delivery Point.

  • Organize distribution of biscuits in selected schools
  • Ensure that biscuits reach the intended beneficiaries free-of-charge quickly and in good condition.
  • Put in place robust monitoring system.
  • Cooperate with local Administration and School Management Committee for storage and distribution of Food.

Major Activities: Main Activities (Program Orientation, Warehouse Management, Biscuits Delivery & Distribution, Monitoring,     Cooperation & Coordination etc.)

–   Support Activities (Community Mobilization, De-worming, School Vegetable Gardening, Tree Plantation etc.)

Project Participants (Direct): [During Total Project Year)






Adult Literacy & CE

Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Male Female
0 0 12183 12834 67044 78237 71 37 0 0 0 0
Center= 0 Center= 669 Center= 676 Center= 3 Center= 0 Center= 0


Children (0-10)

Adolescent (11-17)

Youth (18-25)

Adult (26-60)

Senior Citizen (61+)

79227 91071 71 37 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Total Beneficiaries: 170406 direct = 170406 Indirect = 00
Project Duration: 01 July, 2020 – 30 June, 2021.
Financial partner (Donor): GOB
Implementing partner (if any): No
Project Location (District & Upazila): Name and number- Mymensihgh District (01), upazila -05 (Phulpur, Tarakanda, Dhobaura, Nandail and Ishwargonj).
Number of Field offices: 01.
Project Budget (Total): 1,70,39,200  BDT (1year.)

Number of project staffs and volunteers:

Staff (Regular)

Paid Volunteer

Non-Paid Volunteer










Contact Person:
Name & Designation: Amir Hossain Mollah, Project Coordinator.
Cell :01733-174040