Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Introduction: Support girls and young women in Bangladesh to realize their rights to protection and education through reduction of child marriage. This project has 4 themes. 

  • Protection against violence: working for better protection for girls and young women
  • Participation: Participation in socio-political activity by girls and young women
  • Economic participation: Enhancing economic opportunities for girls and young women
  • (post)primary education: Enhancing (secondary) education for girls and young women


Goal and Objective: Goal: Support girls in Bangladesh to realize their rights to protection and education through reduction of child marriage.


Objective: To reduce incidence of child marriage among girls in Upazilas (sub-districts) of four districts in Bangladesh through mass awareness raising and strengthening child protection mechanism against child marriage in order to support girls, right to an education.


Outputsà Resultsà Outcome:


  • Awareness of all levels {community through National} enhanced to reduce child marriage
  • Capacity of formal and informal mechanisms to protect girls against CM are enhanced.


  • Access of families of and target girls to social and economic protection against CM
  • Coalition advocacy by NGOs/ Coalition members to strengthen legal mechanisms to prevent CM is improved.



  • Girls are better prepared and organized to act as change agents at the local and national level to reduce CM.
  • Acceptable of CM in all level in the project working areas is reduced as well as access of girls to social protection is increased.


  • Legal mechanisms to prevent to CM strengthened at the local level through training and coalition Advocacy. Birth Registration system is established within community and government mechanism.
  • Strengthened local and national level alliance of NGOs for coalition lobby and advocacy with policy makers for favorable CR policy is formulated and implemented.


  • Increased number of reports on CM and its related issues are available with agencies and media for future research and practice.


Project Duration: October 2012- 31 March 2016


Start date: October 2012


Financial partner (Donor): Plan Bangladesh


Project Location/s and number of Field offices:  Gazipur district, Dhaka. Field

Offices: Sreepur, and (Gazipur Sadar will be next year).

Budget: Total BDT 38,64,470

Number of project staffs and volunteers : 5


Contact Person      : Md. Shariful Haque, Project Coordinator

E-mail                    :, Cell : 01718579621