Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Introduction:Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation Water Supply Project (BAMWASP) planned to introduce piped water supply to provide safe water to the rural population. The project concept contained a more innovative approach of engaging private sponsors in planning, implementation and initial operation of the system before handing over to the community. Participation of the community right from the onset was a vital consideration together with serving the poor and vulnerable members. Before nationwide application of the system through BAMWSP launched in June 2005, BAMWSP intended to test the system by introducing a group of pilot projects under IDA credit no. 3124-BD. The main objective of the pilots was to check the sponsor’s ability in project preparation, implementation and initial operations and rural peoples’ response to pipe water system, willingness and affordability to pay for water. 

Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) responded to the expression of interest (IOE) invited by BAMWSP for piloting water supply scheme in rural areas and indented to sponsor a piped water supply scheme at village Nalta Sharif under Upazila Kaligonj, District- Satkhira ensuring community participation in planning and cost sharing. According to the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between BAMWSP and DAM feasibility studies were carried out in the village during Feb’05 to July’05 covering social, technical financial aspect and accordingly submitted a feasibility report with a view to prepare detailed “ Project Proposal” for grant assistance.

On acceptance of Feasibility Report by BAMWSP in May’06 this project proposal has been prepared in accordance with the BAMWSP guidelines. The proposal was accepted and an agreement was signed between BAMWSP and DAM on March 18, 2007. In order to address some of the construction related problems faced by the sponsors, some changes were adopted and an amended contract was signed again between the parties on February 12, 2009. The project has been completed by November 2009.

Goal and Objective:
1.To make provision of safe water for rural people of Nalta sharif at affordable cost to facilitate basic need of potable drinking water

  • To serve the interest of the poor and vulnerable members of the community covered under this scheme

To build capacity of the local community organization to construct, operate and maintain the installed piped water system.


  • This a good example of Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • A new intervention in community water supply at Non government level
  • A community owned scheme runs with active management support form DAM
  • An Income Generating Project of DAM for next 18 years.
  • It will serve about 1200 HH to provide access for 20000 people into arsenic and saline free safe drinking water. Under this target about 675HH and 6750 Peoples are directly benefited and 2000 Peoples are indirectly benefited.

Who the project will serve/is serving (gender disaggregated data if possible by category of recipients:
Project Duration: 18 years.
Start date: 2007
Financial partner (donor): GoB-World Bank.
Project Locations and number of field offices:

The project is being implemented in Nalta union of Kaliganj Upazilla in Satkhira district and number of field office is one.
Budget with annual breakup:
FY (2011-2012): 1070000(BDT)

FY (2012-2013): 1130000(BDT)
Number of staffs and Volunteers: Staff-03person and no Volunteers.

Contact Person      :  Mr. Mohammad Mosabber Hossain, Head of WASH

E-mail                        :