Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Introduction:

QPE Project, Sreepur implementing this project with three components: School Improvement Plan (SIP) , Pre School (PS) and Shisu Bikash Kendra (SBK). SIP is a comprehensive and holistic development pln for Primary School development both internal and exxternal issues for quality improvement of the Primary Schools at Sreepur Upazila. During 2013 QPE working with 51 Government Primary Schools

48 Pre School under this project where 1076 children enrolled for further education in primary schools. Out of these schools 31 in the School campus and 17 schools are in the community, it indicates that one PS could not accommodate all the PS elligible children at the school and/ all children could not attend for distance or any other reason.

QPE this year implementing 253 SBK centers where 3161 children have been enrolled. The 3-4 years children enrolled in the SBK centers for one/ two years and after graduation they further enrolled for PS education. It may be mentioned that all the centers are operated in SIP School catchment’s area.

As a cross cut issue QPE implementing DRM, WaSH, and Child protection issues in the School and as well community.

Project Agreement Number: Not applicable

Overall Objective:

To contribute to an effective primary education system that enables every child to complete quality primary education as a right.

Specific Objectives:

  • To implement ECCD for every children aged 3-6 years in Sreepur, Gazipur;
  • To provide full access of all eligible primary-aged children of Sreepur to primary schools and in quality education;
  • To established a sustainable model of school improvement program (SIP) in Sreepur Upazila
  • Establish supervision and monitoring system run by schools
  • Half yearly progress assessment and annual reflection of school micro-planning
  • Meeting and training with teachers, CLC, CBO and SMCs on quality aspects
  • Documentation of success and failure
  • To enhance capacity of local authorities and communities in Sreepur;
  • Evidence based advocacy on Upazila model of quality primary education and early learning to promote national level awareness and replication


2A10: SBK and Preschool will be established, operated, maintained, and monitored by parents, SMC and CBO members within 95 villages.

2C11- 6 UP bodies, 1 Upazilla Parishad and Upazilla Education department will be sensitized and played responsive role.

2E10: 960 SBK and 285 Preschool committees will play active role for managing centres effectively and efficiently.

Project Components:

SBK : 3 – 5 years of children . coverage: 500 centers during 2011

493 Centers during 2012 and 25 centers during 3013 , each centers enrolled 13 children and at least 50% of them are girl children.

Pre School: 6 years of aged children are enrolled in the Pre School which also can be called as linking program with primary school.148 centers during 2011 and 120 centers during 2012 and 48 are running during 2013. Each centers accommodated around 25 children with at least 550% girl children.

School Improvement Program(SIP)Presently working with 51 Government Primary Schools , which was 63 during 2012 and 51 in 2011.

6 – to 10 years children those who are studying in the primary schools all are receiving support from this project. .Pesently 16513 children provided support through SIP Program.

Major Activities: Main activities of the project

School Improvement Program: This is a strategy for School development of the Government and Non Government (registered) Primary Schools of Sreepur Upazila.Based on the practicability of the Primary School a year Plan is made , called Micro plan at the beginning of the year with 6 monthly review option.

Pre-Schooling:The Preschool learning centers generally located in the Primary Schools. Now from the year 2012 Pre School has been recognized as a class of the primary Schooll. Many Primary School could not absorbed all the elligible children then some school situated in the community. Pre4 School located at the primary School compound provided with technical support and situated at the community level support provided all like Teacher, Material , teaching aids, training to the teachers.

Shisu Bikash Kendra (SBK) :The centers of the Shishu Bikash kendra located in the community houses and managed by themselves . 5-7 members management committee take care of the centers with regular visit and supervision. Teachers partial honorarium paid by the project while technical assistance provided by donor and other resource organizations..

Networking and advocacy:Networking and Advocacy initiative will be organized in order to create synergy between the project’s stakeholders (government and NGOs), and to strengthen the existing networks. These initiatives will ultimately contribute to CARE’s Urban Empowerment objective by leading to a more coordinated decision-making process and by leveraging a mutual expertise and experience.

Project Participants (Direct): Children (0-10) Boys-7504, Girls- 7702

Project Duration: January 2011 to June 2016

Financial partner (Donor): Plan International Bangladesh

Implementing partner (if any): Not applicable

Project Location/s and number of Field offices: Dhaka Ahsania Mission, Quality Primary Education Project, Bagmara Road, 98/1, BLOCk A, Sreepur, Gazipur

Project Budget: BDT  99918224.00

Number of project staffs and volunteers :

Staff (Regular)

Paid Volunteer

Non-Paid Volunteer











Contact Person: Md. Saiful Islam, Project manager

Email: Cell : 01712602533