Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Introduction:
The Missing Child Alert Project is designed with the aim to prevent child trafficking, especially cross-border and protect victims of child trafficking through Regional Missing Child Alert System, functioning within and across Bangladesh, Nepal and India. The Bangladesh project will play complimentary role to support three SAARC countries in order for making efforts to improve collaboration with neighbouring countries, Nepal and India.Goal and Objective:
The goal of the project in Bangladesh as part of sub-regional MCA project is to reduce the incidence of cross border child trafficking in South Asia. The MCA project objective is to have developed and tested a model cross-border anti-child trafficking mechanism, which links national and regional efforts to address cross-border child trafficking between Bangladesh, Nepal and India. Overall objectives of the MCA project is to reduce cross-border child trafficking through establishing in-country prevention and protection mechanisms, which are linked with the functional cross-border alert system in order to track, rescue, trace, safe repatriation, rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked children. 

Outputsà Resultsà Outcome:

1.   Prevention & Protection-

To align and strengthen the efforts of government; civil society organizations and communities in target districts in Bangladesh in order to prevent in country and cross border child trafficking

  • Community based prevention mechanism of child protection and cross border trafficking established and functional in project area
  • Increased access of communities including children and women to government and non-governmental prevention and protection mechanisms and leveraging resources to address the root causes of child trafficking
  • The community and union parishads (lowest administrative tire in the rural administrative set up) have increased knowledge and skills in registering births, and are engaged in implementing birth registration campaigns of government as a safe guard to prevent child trafficking and child marriage and to reduce school drop-out
  • Approximately 25,000 individuals will learn about the cross border child trafficking and Missing Child Alert, approximately 583,780 children under 18 years will obtain a birth certificate.

Cross-Border Alert System-
To establish a user-friendly, modern information-technology based sustainable alert system in Bangladesh linked with cross-border alert system to track; rescue; trace; repatriate and rehabilitate trafficked children.

  • An information-technology based sustainable cross border alert system developed, contextualized and operational in Bangladesh linked with India and Nepal as part of the sub-regional system
  • Established linkages of Social Protection Groups, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders with cross border alert system for rescue, repatriation and rehabilitation of trafficked children and women
  • Increased access of children, communities and government and non-government duty bearers to in-country and cross boarder alert system

Approximately 400 adults and youths within 20 social protection groups and 200 children are active as cross border trafficking watch dogs and are involved in the rehabilitation process. 250 service providers (LEA & UP members) trained.

Repatriation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration-
To establish an in-country joint referral mechanism linked with regional alert system to repatriate, rehabilitate, and reintegrate trafficked and rescued children to their families/communities and support them with child friendly prevention, protection and care services

  • Improved awareness and capacity of social protection groups, government and non-governmental service providers on Alert system to prevent young women and child trafficking and facilitate in returning them to their respective families and communities
  • An official protocol among the Governments of Bangladesh, India and Nepal is developed and functional for rescue and repatriation and in-country rehabilitation and reintegration with regard to protection and care services
  • 200 children will receive survival & psychological support at shelter home, rehabilitate and reintegrate within the family and community.

Who the project will serve/is serving (gender disaggregated data if possible by category of recipients) :  Targeting 15,50, 113 populations including children, women and men.

Project Duration: 1st July 2012-31st December, 2014

Start date: 1st July 2012-31st December, 2014

Financial partner (Donor): Dutch Lottery, Netharlands.

Implementing partner (if any): Dhaka Ahsania Mission & Plan Bangladesh

Project Location/s and number of Field offices: Locations will cover 5 upazillas and 20 unions of Jessore and Satkhira districts in two field offices

  • Unions of Jessore sadar-Kashimpur, Noapara, Arabpur & Chachra
  • Unions of Sharsha-Dihi, Lakshmanpur, Bahadurpur, Sharsha
  • Satkhira Sadar-Kushlia, Boikari, Ghona & Bhomra
  • Kaliganj-Bharashimla, Mothureshpur, Ratanpur, Dholbaria
  • Kolaroa-Chandanpur, Keralakata, Sonabaria & Keragachia

Budget with annual breakup: Total budget-37,082,280,

Number of project staffs and volunteers: 20 staffs and 1000 volunteers.

Contact Person     : Ferdousi Akhter, Project Coordinator
Email                        :,