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Ahsania Mission Cancer & General Hospital (AMCGH), Uttara
Ahsania Mission Cancer & General Hospital (AMCGH), Uttara

Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) as part of their long time welfare activities for the people in distress, enthusiastically embarked with a bold initiative to establish a 500-bed world-class cancer hospital in Bangladesh at Sector-10, in Uttara of the capital Dhaka. Compatible spectacular architectural design for the ‘Dream’ Hospital was created by “Design Alliance”, a US based architectural firm. Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital, Uttara started its long awaited journey through its formal inauguration on 9th April’ 2014 by the honorable Prime Minister Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Through rigorous situation analysis for Bangladesh on Cancer, from the very beginning the Hospital was planned as a `State of the Art’ 500 bed advanced hospital with pictureseque architectural beauty situated on the bank of river Turag in the northern part of Dhaka Metropolitan City. This is a 13 (thirteen) storied building plus 2 (two) basements having facilities for the treatment of both Cancer & all other patients with an emphasis to cancer treatment.

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Ahsania Mission Cancer & General Hospital (Detection & Treatment), Mirpur

As per plan of Dhaka Ahsania Mission, each division on Bangladesh will have a Cancer Detection & Treatment Centre. This Centre at Mirpur is meant for Dhaka Division. It is a 42 bedded Cancer hospital with treatment facilities for general patients and established in 2001. It is a non-profit hospital, where 30% patients are given free treatment.

This hospital has a diagnostic laboratory for detection of cancer where most of the investigations including Microbiology, Histopathology and Bio- chemistry can be performed. Radiology department has all the facility for imaging including X-Ray, Mammography and USG. This hospital has consultants/ specialists in Oncology, Surgical oncology, Orthopedics, Head & Neck Surgeon, Gynecologist, Dental &Facio Maxillary Surgical facility and Physiotherapy. This hospital has a Breast care centre and breast care month is observed every year. Our medical officers are also experienced in managing cancer patients.

We are managing our cancer patients with surgery and chemotherapy. For radiotherapy we are referring our patients to Govt. & private radiotherapy center as we do not have any radiotherapy facility at present. Hopefully we will have radiotherapy machine installed in AMCGH, Uttara soon. This hospital has 2 (two) operation theatres & Endoscopes facilities.

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Addiction Management & Integrated Care (AMIC)

Health Sector is one of the three core sectors of DAM. Once a small entity of AMIC, has now become one of the sustainable sectors of the organization. DAM Health Sector is contributing to the development of society through its multidimensional activities, and the dedication and determination are constantly being reflected among its members through various milestones rejoicing the work and achievements of everyone involved. Health Sector is committed to bring a change and to ensure the support and care required for harmonious life. With the cooperation from different government offices, national & international NGOs, donors, voluntary organizations and kind-hearted individuals, the Health Sector strive to affirm well-being.

DAM, at first, launched a program in 1990 which was titled as “Ahsania Madokota Protirodh o Niontron Kormoshuchi (Drug Prevention and Control Program), AMIK in Bengali. Its goal was to create peaceful societies where social harmony will prevail and devastating health, tobacco, drugs and HIV related harms will not exist. In 2004, DAM changed AMIK to AMIC (Addiction Management and Integrated Care) to prevent and control tobacco, drugs and HIV/AIDS which were gradually taking an epidemic form in the society.

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Ahsania Mission Female Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center, Dhaka

With the understanding of the growing needs for Gender Responsive treatment for woman substance users, Dhaka Ahsania Mission come forward with "Female Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (FDTC)" in 2014 at Iqbal Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka. It recognizes that success in recovery not only depends on the content of primary treatment, but also on the availability of support services once a woman returns home to her family and community. Contrary to other centers in our country, DAM designed the activities to meet client need for clinical treatment, family & community support that counteract other social conditions impacting the females. The FDTC delivers the services by embracing key principles and values in treatment and rehabilitation of female drug users.

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Ahsania Mission Male Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center, Gazipur

Considering the need for offering social support for the recovery and rehabilitation of the drug users in Bangladesh, DAM established a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation center in Gazipur. The center has been providing quality drug detoxification and rehabilitation since 2004. It has all necessary modern facilities for the care and treatment of the drug dependents. There are trained staff who address the need of the clients, sufficient space for recreation, arrangement for various outdoor & indoor games, library, prayer room etc. for the benefit of the clients.

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Ahsania Mission Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center, Jashore

Drug addiction and drug dependence are among the major social problems in the world. More people, both male and female, are becoming dependent on drug and other substances these days. Bangladesh is also facing the same problems lately as it has been observed that substance abuse rate is getting higher among every socio-economic levels. Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) has been working against drug addiction since its beginning. One of the major steps it took is establishing "Ahsania Madokota Protirodh o Niontron Karmoshuchi" or Drug Prevention and Control Program (AMIK in Bengali) in February 1990. The name was altered to AMIC: Addiction Management and Integrated Care in 2004. This has become one of the most remarkable flagships of DAM.

AMIC has been working to increase the knowledge and consciousness against drug addiction. Its activities have spread to Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Jashore and Satkhira district by establishing detoxification camps for short time treatment of substance abuse disorders. DAM policy makers eventually realized that short-term treatment alone is not adequate for helping the dependents come out of addiction and other related problems. AMIC started its first Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Gazipur district in 2004. Considering the importance of services provided to the drug dependent population to prevent drug abuse, DAM further expanded its activities by starting the Jashore Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center on 26 July 2010.

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Hena Ahmed Hospital (HAH)

Hena Ahmed Hospital (HAH) was founded by DAM with the financial support of Ms. Hena Ahmed. The vision of this hospital is to render essential healthcare service to the needy, specially the poverty-stricken people at an affordable cost. It is a 20 bed licensed hospital equipped with modern OT facilities. This hospital is providing services at very low cost as well as free of cost for poor and very poor people.

Objective: The overall objective of the project is to provide affordable high quality primary, secondary and tertiary health care services, especially Essential Services Delivery (ESD+) package, for the people of Hashara Union and beyond HAH hospital serves and renders healthcare services as well as provides proper ESD+ and ESP+ to distress Pere-urban people who suffer from various diseases. A good number of patients are receiving outpatient healthcare services every day. HAH provides outdoor, outreach and inpatient services i.e. safe delivery, CS, injury management and family planning services, maternal health (ANC, PNC) services, child health care, nutrition services etc. HAH also established laboratory for quality investigations, including USG& ECG.

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Ahsania Hena Ahmed Monojotno Kendro

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Monasef Ahsania Health Center

Having started operating under the Health Sector of Dhaka Ahsania Mission in May 2019, Monasef Ahsania Health Center has become a beacon of quality health services in Kamarjuri village in Gazipur. It was founded in February 2015 by Al-Hajj Md. Alauddin, a UK citizen from a respectable family, who named this health center after his father, late Al-Hajj Md. Monasef.

This organization is well-known for providing standard and affordable healthcare services. Our utmost priority is our patients' satisfaction. We believe that providing healthcare is a truly humanitarian endeavor and it brings great joy to positively impact the society with outstanding healthcare facilities at affordable cost.

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