Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Introduction:

Providing access to safe drinking water and sanitation services for all is a major development goal of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB). Accordingly, the Local Government Division (LGD) has prepared a Sector Development Plan (SDP) to guide the water supply and sanitation (WSS) sector in the attainment the government’s goal. The SDP will be for a period of 15 years, starting in Financial Year 2010‐11 (FY 2011) and ending in FY 2025. The objective of the SDP is to provide a framework for planning, implementing, coordinating and monitoring all activities in the WSS sector.  As a strategic planning document, it addresses the emerging and the future challenges of the WSS sector with special incorporation of a separate analysis for the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), focusing more on hygiene promotion, and paying greater attention to the regions lagging behind. To achieve the goal of Sector Development Plan (SDP) the strategies/lessons learned have been considered to apply in the following areas under the project

Project Agreement Number:

Overall Objective:

The purpose of the project is to sustainably improve sanitation and hygiene behaviors’ among women, children and youth located in 400 communities and 155 schools in 4 Upazilas in Barisal and CHT Divisions by March 2016 through community approaches to total sanitation (CLTS), WASH in school (SLTS) and hygiene promotion.

Specific Objectives:


  • Improved access and use of good sanitation practices and promotion in 400 communities
  • Improved hand washing practices among dwellers in 400 communities
  • Improved hand washing practices among children in 155 schools

Project Components:

  • Community Awareness
  • Capacity Building
  • Hardware installation
  • Hygiene Practices

Major Activities:

  • Baseline Survey
  • Capacity Building
  • Ignition
  • Monitoring

Project Participants (Direct):

  • 183624 people from 400 communities live in ODF environment;
  • 306360 people adopted hand washing practices;
  • 76583 people from 400 communities have improved knowledge on hand washing;
  • 34875 students from 155 schools.

Project Duration: 16 Months (December 2014 – March 2016)

Financial partner (Donor): Plan International Bangladesh

Implementing partner (if any): N/A

  • Project Location/s and number of Field offices: 4 Upazilas of Barisal and Chittagong divisions (Char Fashion and Sadar Upazilas in Bhola district, Lakhichari Upazila in Khagrachari district, and AlikadamUpazila of Bandarban district).

Total: 4 Upazilas and 155 Schools

Project Budget: Total BDT= 40,833,648.00

Number of project staffs and volunteers: Total Staff 56 Persons and no volunteer

Contact Person: Laboni Shabnom, Program Coordinator

Email:  Cell: 01715 401979