Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Ganokendra is a grassroots organisation. It is being managed by its members. Members consists of disadvantaged and backward rural people. Ganokendra is now recognised as a people’s organisation.
Rural people from all walks of life visit the people’s centre regularly. Specially, it is a favourite organisation of poor people. All of them meet here to tell stories, discuss problems, identify issues, find out a solution, take decisions and resolve those unitedly.They dream about their future advancement.
People organise themselves at Ganokendra. They act together and resolve their problems. They protest unitedly if they find any injustice or disorder. This is why, Ganokendra has been turned into a strong people’s organisation for sustainable development through social, economic and cultural activities.
Our Vision:
Dhaka Ahsania Mission was established as a welfare-oriented organisation in 1958. At present, it has been widely acclaimed as a pioneer development organisation in Bangladesh. Crossing the boundary of Bangladesh, Dhaka Ahsania Mission has now undertaken various development programmes for advancement of backward people around the globe.

The Mission dreams of a global village, free from hunger and poverty. In a lofty socio-economic atmosphere, people will be able to elevate themselves spiritually. Consequently, people will be able to attain their basic rights. With this aim in view, Dhaka Ahsania Mission has been implementing various developmental programmes by working in the fields of education, health, life and livelihood, human rights, environment and gender equity.

While working with people at grassroots level, Dhaka Ahsania Mission realised that the silent majority needs an organisation of their own like. Ganokendra. Their realisation has been reflected through reorganisation of disadvantaged people.