Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Name:  Feed the Future Bangladesh Agricultural Infrastructure Development Activity (BAIDA)  

 Project Introduction:
The Feed the Future Bangladesh Agricultural Infrastructure Activity (Ag Infra Activity) seeks to address the infrastructure needs of farmers through investments in rural roads, market centers, collection centers, cold storage facilities, and irrigation & drainage systems. By investing in rural infrastructure, USAID will increase incomes, create jobs, reduce crop losses, improve agricultural productivity, and strengthen food security. The activity will focus on providing infrastructure services in southern Bangladesh

This Activity aims to improve agricultural infrastructure within the FTF Zone of Influence (ZOI) and USAID/Bangladesh Zone of Resilience (ZOR) through collaboration and coordination with the Government of Bangladesh’s (GoB’s) Local Government Engineering Department (LGED). With this effort, the partners /contractor will also build the capacity of LGED to make better plan and implement infrastructure in a transparent and efficient manner that meets international standards through the following interventions:

  • Site selection in coordination with other USAID FTF-funded activities to identify roads, market centers, collections centers, cold storage, and drainage/irrigation system improvements that best support the Activity goal;
  • Design and construction of selected infrastructure improvements (construction or rehabilitation);
  • Development of effective operation and maintenance arrangements for constructed and rehabilitated infrastructure; and,
  • Facilitation of public-private partnerships and private sector engagement that will ensure the sustainability of the constructed and rehabilitated infrastructure after handover to beneficiaries.

However, as an implementing partner DAM’s engagement will be based on PAE being the Prime Contractor to the Government of any resultant contract and DAM being a major Subcontractor to PAE. The Parties agree that this relationship is exclusive for bids on this opportunity.

Goal:  Increased availability of quality agricultural produce for domestic, regional and international markets

Expected Result:

  • Improved operation and maintenance of aggregation and storage facilities to ensure sustainability
  • Improved operation and maintenance of drainage and irrigation systems to ensure proper function and sustainability


  • Market  selection through survey
  • Market construction & repairing work
  • Market linked road construction
  • Drainage/irrigation system improvements work
  • Capacity development of Market Management Committee(MMC), Water Management committee(WMC)
  • Repair and maintenance work of cold storage
  • Private sector engagement

Project Duration: 22.10.2021 to 27.05.2026

Donor: USAID

Prime Contract Number:  72038821C00002

Contractor: PAE (Pacific Architect Engineering)

Sub-Contractor: Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM)

Project Budget:  $ 758,991 (BDT= 64,893,730/-)

Project Location: Faridpur District (Modhukhali, Sadorpur, Boalmari & Nagorkanda)

Contact person:  Md. Asaduzzaman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), DFED
Mobile No. 01811-480300; Email: