Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Introduction:

Covering households with adequate WatSan facilities is a matter of long duration programme and huge level of funding. Still Concern Universal, though the acceptance level and appreciation is too high, is in the initial stage on implementing WatSan project, but the ensuring multiple impacts CUB model is highly proved already. Strategically CUB targeted the schools (used as disaster shelters also), disaster shelters (used as schools also) and public places for the hardware installation and conduct awareness activities in the catchments areas for building mass awareness and developing knowledge.

Project Agreement Number:DCI-NSAPVD/2011/246-502

Project overall Objectives:Theoverall objective of the action is to “promote people participation for reducing the morbidity and mortality caused by inadequate water and sanitation provisions in selected coastal disaster prone areas of Bangladesh”.

Specific Objectives:

The objectives of the project will be achieving:

  • Providing safe water and sanitation options in the 200 schools/LGI cum shelters;
  • Increasing community knowledge and awareness on the use of safe water, sanitary latrines and hygienic practices;
  • Strengthening the capacity of local government institutions (including standing committees), shelter place management committees, community leaders (including school teachers), Rural Wat-San Engineers/masons and CSOs to integrate their roles for assuring sustainable option of safe water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion; and

Building effective collaboration and coordination with the government, UN agencies, CSOs and private sectors for implementing disaster friendly Wat-San mechanism towards achieving a common goal

Outputs Results Outcome:

  • Improved access to safe water facilities for the 80% disaster victims of the catchments areas
  • Improved access to safe water facilities for the 100% students of the shelter cum schools
  • Improved access to sanitary latrines facilities for the 80% disaster victims of the catchments area
  • Improved access to sanitary latrines facilities for the 100% students of the shelter cum schools
  • Strengthened the GoB-WatSan and disaster committees at union and ward levels
  • Built awareness of the community on WatSan and disaster
  • Enhanced skill and knowledge of the stakeholders on WatSan and disaster
  • Established well functional mechanisms in the targeted schools/shelters in terms of management and finance
  • 80% households of catchments areas will build low – cost latrines (without project funding)
  • Increased level of disaster friendly WatSan implementation in Bangladesh

Projects Component:

  • Hardware Installation (WASH Block) at School cum shelter center
  • Software activities at community level for awareness raising on WASH
  • Software activities at School level for awareness raising on WASH
  • Capacity building of LGIs for sustainable WASH facilities during Disaster

Major Activities:

  • Capacity Building of Stakeholders (LGIs, Schools Teachers, Religious Leaders, Students)
  • WASH Block installation at Shelter cum Schools
  • Awareness raising activities at School and Community (Courtyard meetings, Religious Leaders Meeting, Tea Stall Meetings, School Hygiene Session, MAP & CAP Preparation and Update)
  • Local and National Level Advocacy & Networking

Project Participants (Direct): Women-90,885, Men-94,855, Girls-31,912, Boys-30,259

Project Duration: November, 2011 to April, 2015

Financial partner (Donor): Concern Universal Bangladesh (CUB)

Implementing partner (if any): No, only Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) implementing

Project Location/s and number of Field offices: Charfasion, Burhanuddin, Daulatkhan, Tojumuddin Upazila in Bhola and Mirzagonj Upazila in Patuakhali District.

Project Budget: Total BDT 6,35,60,100.00

Number of project staffs and volunteers :





Project Staff




Non-Paid Volunteer




Contact Person: Mohammad Shahin, Project Coordinator

Email: shahin1972@ymail.comCell: 01712929726