Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Introduction:
Bangladesh is situated between the Himalayas in the north and the encroaching Bay of Bengal to the south, making it prone to a various natural hazards. Densely populated Dhaka is the highly vulnerable to increased frequency and intensity of hazards. Dhaka is situated in a seismically active zone and therefore faces a potential threat of earthquake that could kill large number of people and destroy infrastructure of the city. The project are implementing in the water logging and earthquake prone areas of Dhaka City. The Child Centered DRR project in collaboration with communities and govt. institutions to reduce the risk disaster. Dhaka Ahsania Mission is working by technical support by Plan International Bangladesh and financial support by COFRA Foundation, Switzerland.

Goal and Objective:Goal of the project
The goal of the project is Safe and resilient communities in which children and young people contribute to managing and reducing the disaster risks associated with changes in the climate.

Objectives of the project

  • To increase the awareness and capacity of children youth and communities on disaster risk and climate changes so that they can facilitate the child centered disaster risk reduction process.
  • To develop and implement locally appropriate climate smart solutions on disaster preparedness and risk reduction
  • To advocate for the inclusion of good practices and learning from the program approach in local, district and or national government and regional processes.

Outputsà Resultsà Outcome:

  • Increased awareness and capacity of children youth and communities on disaster preparedness and adaptation to climate change.
  • Through locally designed climate smart solutions on disaster preparedness, a demonstrable adaptation model is established.
  • Good practices and learning feeding into local, national and regional government processes.
  • Who the project will serve/is serving (gender disaggregated data if possible by category of recipients)

The project will directly work with 775 adults and 24,105 children and youths; and 124,400 population indirectly living in the 5 wards of Zone-5 Dhaka South City Corporation. These beneficiary figures are on the higher side because of the mass awareness activities planned under information, education and communication and local disaster management sector. The direct beneficiaries are those communities and institutions in geographic areas targeted due to their extreme vulnerability to earthquakes, water logging. In these areas, special consideration has been given to socially excluded and marginalized communities and children who are most vulnerable to disasters.

Project Beneficiaries:  Project Duration:  Jan 2013 –  Dec 2015 (03 years)Start date: 1st April/2012

Financial partner (Donor): COFRA Foundation, Switzerland

Project Location/s and number of Field offices: Dhaka south city corporation, zone-5, ward- 05 no’s and number of Field offices 01.

Budget with annual breakup:  :  July’13 to June’14: BDT – 45,29,327/=

Number of project staffs and volunteers : Project Staffs: 13 Nos   ; Volunteers: 0

Contact Person   : ASM Nazrul Islam, Project Manager
E-mail                     :,

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Child organization

Ward level, Dhaka south city coporation






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