Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Introduction:
In Bangladesh, approximately one third of the country’s population of 146 million people is drinking ground water from shallow tube wells containing 10 to 50 times the amount of arsenic that is considered safe, creating a massive humanitarian problem. This contamination has been recognized since the mid-nineties and many discussions have been held and research conducted, but as yet, no large-scale solution has been found and implemented.
Dhaka Ahsania Mission has been working with arsenic mitigation since long as part of its water and sanitation program. In line with GoB initiative, DAM facilitates screening of arsenic contaminated shallow tube wells and installation of arsenic free deep hand tube well in its working area including vast coastal belt of Bangladesh. Simultaneously, DAM is also taking initiative to install small arsenic removal plants for the arsenic affected vulnerable communities which are either excluded from GoB facilities or are not getting access to safe water due to difficult geo-hydrological condition. Jessore and Satkhira is the most vulnerable for Arsenic Contamination. DAM selected this area for implementation of its arsenic removal plant when DAM-UK showed its interest to finance in this projectGoal and Objective: 

  • To provide a safe, cost-effective and village-user-friendly Arsenic free safe drinking water
  • applying effective technology to remove Arsenic from groundwater
  • to understand more about people’s behavioral pattern regarding proper use of arsenic free water
  • to replicate the experience else where in the country in more effective way
  • To develop community entrepreneurship to run the plant within a social business approach to ensure it’s sustainability
  • To introduce insurance mechanism in rural water supply plants

Outputsà Resultsà Outcome:

    • 6 Plants was already installed in Jessore and Satkhira District.
    • Entrepreneurship is developing to successfully run the project
    • Opening Ceremony  most of the plant was Completed
    • Try to involvement the Community to self sustain


  • From the Plant near about 220HHs peoples are drinking water from the plant.

Who the project will serve/is serving (gender disaggregated data if possible by category of recipients)  – Run by the Community

Project Duration: Continuous

Start date: 2008 to Continue

Financial partner (Donor): DAM Charity

Project Location/s and number of Field offices:  (Hayetpur, Chowgasa, Jessore) (Khotiakhaly, Kesobpur, Jessore) (Kondroppur, Mongolcode, Kessobpur, Jessore) (Bosuntiea, Mongolcode, Kessobpur,Jessore) (Jessore Sadar) (Brojobaksha, Kalaroa, Satkhira), No field Office.

Budget with annual breakup: This Project is DAM Charity so when a fund is received from DAM-UK it is take an initiative to install a Plant. So annual budget is difficult.

Number of project staffs and volunteers : No
Upazila level staffs: Some of this project is run by Gonokendro and some are Plant Committee.


Contact Person      : Mr. Mohammad Mosabber Hossain, Head of WASH
E-mail                        :