Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

DAM Education Sector organizes a Civil Society Workshop at Conference Room of the Deputy Commissioner in Narangonj on 11 May 2023. The workshop has chaired and led by Deputy Commissioner of Naryangonj district Md Monjurl Hafiz. The workshop starts through welcoming everyone by Moushumi Gayen Hira, ADM of Narayangonj. In the eve of her speech, the ADM extended thanks to DAM for organizing such an effective workshop and also the participants for their attendance in the workshop within short notice. She also explained the objective of the workshop and clarify why the marriage registers are the significant part of the process to stop child marriage. 

Divisional Manager of DAM CEMB project Feroze Ahmed presents the brief of Child Marriage Registration Act (CMRA)-2017, Rules-18 and National Plan of Action (NPA) and the significancy of those in eliminating child marriage in Bangladesh by 2041. This commitment of elimination of child marriage by 2041 was made by honorable Prime-Minister of Bangladesh in Girls summit which held in London at 2014.

Divisional Manager of DAM CEMB Project Feroze Ahmed & Senior Assistant Commissioner Nusratara Khanom respectively presented two presentations on CMRA act-2017, Rules-2018 and on Muslim Marriage Registration law.  Nusratara Khanom, Senior assistant Commissioner of Narayangonj also presents both the social and legal aspect of the law and how it will help the Kazi to register marriage in fare and legal way.

Md. Monjurul Hafiz the Deputy Commissioner of Narayangonj moderates the open discussion session on the given presentations. this session. The Deputy Commission also said, CEMB is a priority issue for us and we find out the corrupt marriage register syndicate who are conducting illegal child marriage in the district. Few of them have sent to jail and brought under legal action. He also played a short audio record of conversion among bide, parents and illegal registration syndicate people. License of those marriage register has been cancelled. 

After an effective interactive discussion following decisions have taken unanimously:

· Marriage register will strictly avoid registration by their Assistant as they are not legally allowed to do so.  Most of the cases the so-called assistants are engaged in illegal and child marriage.

· The leader of Kazi association will submit to DC a list of Kazi, Mohuri and lawyers are engaged in illegal child marriage so that DC office can take necessary action against the syndicate people.  

·  Deputy Commissioner himself/ representative will check the volume book of marriage registration of all Kazi and stern action will be taken if any inconsistence/fake document found in registration process.

· The deputy commissioner requested all Kazi to take oath that they will not engage in any child or illegal marriage registration process and suggested district register to administer the oath taking ceremony today. 

Among other District Register and Deputy Director, Women welfare department attended in the workshop. Although it was CSO workshop but 60 Marriage register, 5 Lawyer, 5 Media people and 8 government officials participated in the event following the advice of Deputy Commissioner of Narayangonj.