Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Introduction: CORDAID, The Netherlands has been supporting the Children Education and Community Care (CECC) project from January 2013. The project has been operation in 2 upazilas (Sarishabari & Dewangonj) of Jamalpur districts to provide school preparedness education to 7,500 (-6 years old) children & 3,500 children for primary education for its duration in December 2015. CORDAID funded ACCESS project had been implemented in these areas since 2007. The ACCESS project had well introduced DAM in the area and built Ganokendra (people’s organization) and Community Resource Center (CRC) as the effective people’s forum. Now in these areas literacy, non-formal pre-primary, primary education, life skills education and vocational training for adolescent are the main intervention of CECC project. The project also enhanced the awareness of parents and community people. During the implementation period of ongoing CECC project the progress so far seems well in two of the project locations though the project areas are suffered recurrent flood, river erosion and tornado.

DAM-CLC is a significant project of Dhaka Ahsania Mission.  It’s a multi-donor project with an innovative multi grade teaching learning approach of NFPE. The honorable donors are Educate A Child (EAC) Initiative of The Office of Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, Qatar, Cordaid, The Netherlands, and DAM-Marico CLC.

Children Education and Community care project included with DAM-CLC project as a co-financing project from January 2014 and   will be ended on December 2015.

Project Agreement Number: 108658

Overall Objective:

Access to education of disadvantaged specially children with disability in basic primary education and vocational training for girls ensured and subsequently contributed achieving EFA & MDG education goal by 2015.
Specific Objectives:

  • To operate 83 Children Learning Centers (CLCs) in the community managed Ganokedra and CRC
  • To provide basic primary education, life skill education & vocational skills to 14,500 disadvantaged, Children with Disability and Adolescents
  • To promote and ensure mainstreaming of the graduated learners of pre-primary, non formal primary and adolescent groups
  • To establish and functions networks among formal and non formal system of primary education
  • To enhance Staffs, Teachers, community and LGIs capacity


  • An enabling environment will be practiced by scaling up of the Multi grade teaching learning approach for 83 Ganokendra & CRC based Child Learning Centers (CLCs) benefiting 14,500 children and adolescent girls including children with disability in 3 years.
  •  Community participation will be ensured (increased Ganokendra and CRC role) to enroll and retain the targeted children and adolescent and mainstreamed them into the formal education system.
  •  Adolescent girls’ (including girls with disability) self-esteem and confidence will be strengthened to ensure social protection and decision making through education and life skills development.
  • Local Government Institutions and particularly Union Parisad involvement strengthened with increased participation in the education programs and ensure PWD’s entitlement
  • Access of socially excluded children and adolescent specially disabled will be increased in to non-formal education system and  get access to safety-net programs
  • Formal and Non formal system of education will be established and collaborative process strengthened learning.
  • Documentation of the lessons learned through participatory process and disseminated at local & national level for further advocacy to scale of the good practices.

 Project Components: Education

Major Activities:

Final approval from NGOAB, Internal staff recruitment and training,  procurement  of furniture and equipment, Formation of CAGs and CMCs, Teacher training and orientation, Teaching students in CLC, Refresher training for teachers, Needs-based training for supervisors, Monitoring and evaluation, (TQM methodology), Engagement with community and local government, Stakeholder communications, CMCs undertake sustainability planning for CLCs through engagement with community handing over process, Final reporting and project evaluation.

Project Participants (Direct):

Children (0-10)


Adolescent (11-17)



Senior Citizen(61+)




















Project Duration: Started from January 2013. Started as Co- financing of DAM-CLC project from 1 January 2014 and will be ended on 31 December 2015. This project might be extended because it extends yearly basis.

Financial partner (Donor):  Cordaid, The Netherlands (Co-financing part of DAM-CLC project).

Project Location/s and number of Field offices:  2 Locations & 1 Regional Office.

Dewangonj and Sharishabari and Jamalpur (Regional Office) of Jamalpur district.

Project Budget: BDT 2, 38, 20,852 (For 2 year).

Number of project staffs and volunteers :

Staff (Regular)

Paid Volunteer

Non-Paid Volunteer













Contact Person : Md. Modasser Hossain, Project Manager
E-mail :,
Mobile No : 01937130005