Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Name: Capacity development of summer vegetable farmers to promote safe vegetables for consumers (AVC) Project

Project Introduction:

The proposed project will achieve broad-based economic growth thus enhancing long-term food security in the project areas by applying a market systems approach. This approach will be sustainable – i.e., capable of continuing to achieve results after the life of activity. The market systems approach will transform targeted agricultural value chains to increase on and off-farm income at the household level. The project will also increase key investments in value chain innovation and build capacity of local organizations to ensure that value chain upgrading is private-sector driven and sustainable in the long term reflecting USAID’s emphasis on locally-led and implemented development efforts. The project goal statement is “Improved food security through strengthened agricultural value chains.”

Prevalent practices in vegetables production and post-harvest in Jessore have become major concerns due to high usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides harmful for human consumption. As a result, a segment of conscious consumers no longer buys vegetables from markets unless they are sure that the produce comes from a safe source. The project will be increased awareness of consumers in food safety has created an opportunity for marketing and  branding  of Southern crops as safe commodities, if the producers follow safe production and post-harvest management practices. The project wants to promote best practices in farming of high yielding varieties of summer vegetables (Bitter gourd, pointed gourd and Eggplant). The focus of AVC interventions is to create an increased access to and availability of safe crops in local, regional, and national markets. This will contribute significantly to accomplishing enhanced access to safe food and increased food security in the Southern Delta of Bangladesh especially in Jessore. Within the summer vegetable basket DAM focus is on three crops namely Bitter gourd, Pointed gourd and Eggplant.

Project Agreement Number: PO-Dhaka-0107

Overall Objective:

DAI seeks to partner with Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) to build the capacity of 5000 summer vegetable farmers in selected southern districts. Through the fixed price contract, DAI will exclusively aim at introducing and promoting improved and safe cultivation (using IPM technologies) and post-harvest practices among 5,000 summer vegetable farmers. An awarded firm should engage with minimum 5000 farmers. The awarded firms will select farmers and organize them in groups, conduct 2 days training for the farmers on modern cultivation and post-harvest management techniques. A brief detail on the training modality is attached as annex. The awarded firms will need to collect data and register farmers using AVC prescribed registration book and submit both hard copy and soft copy to AVC.

Specific Objectives:


AVC takes a market systems approach designed to achieve the following systemic results :

  • Crowd-in new actors by building broader and deeper commercially grounded networks;
  • e., increasing the attractiveness for new entrants to establish more effective relationships in the market system, interconnected markets and/or enabling environments Foster competition based on upgrading; i.e., increased productivity, increased investments,
  • increased efficiencies, etc. Improve credibility of and confidence in market mechanisms by making benefit flows to all
  • market actors more transparent , and more appropriate; Support key end market factors that will increase competitiveness – product, operations;
  • e., improve the specific market system products and operations required to increase the capacity of the industry to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Project Components: Modern cultivation techniques, post-harvest management and input market linkage

Major Activities:

To introduce the modern cultivation techniques, post-harvest management and input/forward market linkages, the following activities and steps are required:

Activity-1: Staffs orientation and staff meeting

Organize day long staff orientation on project goal, objectives, activities and M&E systems

  • provided by AVC Coach and counsel staff for implementation of project activities
  • Organize monthly staff meeting for views & information sharing and planning

Activity- 2: Identify and select summer vegetables farmers and organize producer groups Select working area in Jessore or Barisal region. Select minimum 5000 summer vegetables

  • farmers and form groups constituting of 25 to 30 farmers in each group (cluster approach) through meeting. Collect data on farmers’ profile information (production, yield, income, area of cultivation, etc.) using the AVC prescribed registration format. Bidder should specify number of farmers working for one or more than one summer
  • vegetable crops. However, same farmer cannot be engaged in multiple crops within the summer basket. Assist AVC’s M&E team in verifying sample of farmers’ data and finalize the farmers group as and when required

Activity- 3: Facilitate farmers Training Hire trainers in association with the AVC team. The number of trainers has to be rational with the proposed number of farmers that an awarded firm intends to work with. The awarded firm will be responsible for conducting the Training of Trainers (ToTs) for the hired trainers. The ToTs will have to be delivered by high quality trainer/ consultant Organize and conduct 2-day farmers’ trainings in Jessore and/or Barisal region. Ensure appropriate logistics support is provided for conducting the trainings

  • Ensure trainees’/farmers’ timely participation in the trainings
  • Ensure trainings are of quality and monitoring mechanisms are in place
  • Prepare and submit complete training reports separately with required deliverables

Project Participants (Direct):  5000 summer vegetable Farmers.

Project Duration: 01 March 2016 to 31 October 2016

Financial partner (Donor): Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI)

Implementing partner (if any): N/A

Project Location/s and number of Field offices:  Jessore: Jessore Sadar, Bagarpara and Sharsha Upazila, Satkhira: Kolaroa Upazila

Project Budget : BDT 8,767,880

Number of project staffs and volunteers : 11

Contact Person: Md. Shadiqur Rahman, Project Manager

Email:,    Cell : 01811480010