Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Bangladesh Counter Trafficking In Persons Program (BC-TIP)

Partners:DAM, YPSA, SHISUK, Change Maker, Shocheton, Rights Jessore,ManobadhikerBastobayonSongstha, AgrogatiSongstha and Proyash.

Duration:October 2018- August 2020

Budget: 50,81,950 BDT/ 64,060.88 USD grant from Winrock International with funding from USAID.

Project Donor:Winrock International with funding from USAID

DAM Geographical location:

Name of the districts

Name of the Upazilas

Name of the Unions



Noapara, Arabpur




Shorupdia, Shukhpukuria







Goal:Improve livelihoods and empowerment of survivors with ensuring minimum standard care & support services through referral, coordination, participation and partnership.


  • To facilitate rescue & repatriation of the trafficked victims
  • To create access to minimum standard care & supports services through formalize referral mechanism
  • To ensure rehabilitation & integration of the survivors within families and communities
  • To empower the survivors for sustainable integration

Key activities:

  • Facilitate referral of the survivors through networking and partnership with GO, NGO, CBOs etc.
  • Provide shelter home support
  • Sustainable livelihood for rehabilitation and reintegration
  • Capacitated ANIRBAN,GONOKENDRA/CRC,CBOS for survivors reintegration and make a dignified environment for Survivors
  • Provide legal aid support
  • Mapping and directory of service providers to increase access to survivors for services

Project Component:
Survivors support at DAM shelter Home, Networking & Partnership with NGO, GO, Private & CSO for referral services to the trafficked survivors, Capacity building to GO, NGO &  CSOs to combat Human Trafficking, Strengthening Survivors Platform ‘ ANIRBAAN’ Survivors Group and Developing Service Providers Directory to create access to services and support to trafficked survivors etc.


  • The potential GO/NGOs including CTCs in 5 upazillas in 2 districts with preference to Women Empowerment Activity(WEA) program and other DAM projects will be the network partner including WEA and other DAM projects for referral and reintegration in the project implementation areas.
  • 200 trafficked survivors (150 shelters female and 50 non shelters)will receive a minimum standard care & support services within and outside shelter home through networking and partnership.
  • 50% of the vulnerable communities around targeted survivor’s families will be educated through courtyard meetings, survivors experience sharing on the importance of protection and reintegration of the survivors.
  • The potential Ganokendras, CRCs, CPGs and ANIRBAN – the survivors voice group will be engaged through the network quarterly meetings, court yard meeting, experience sharing and attending the awareness session at community level for follow up and reintegration of survivors.
  • 10 Union level CTCs will have linkages with the Upazilla and district CTCs to ensure acceptance, supports and empowerment of trafficked survivors by the decision taken in the CTC committee meeting resolutions at district, upazila and union level through follow up, monitoring by CBOs and Network partners.
  • 50% trafficked survivors will receive legal aid support through district legal aid committee and NGOs providing legal aid support.
  • The 60% survivors will be linked to the service providers and the relevant network partners for livelihood options and the microcredit, IGA, Job placement, life skills, leadership skills, market linkage and entrepreneurship development in 2 districts.
  • Mobilise and support ‘ANIRBAN’ Voice Group for voice raising, educate communities on the protection of survivors, to facilitate life skills and leadership development to other survivors.
  • At least 60% of the enrolled survivors are engaged in vocational training, profitable income earning activities and running individual or group enterprises through linkage & partnership with GO/NGOs service providers so that they are self depended on income and employment opportunities

Contact person:

Ferdousi Akhter, Project Manager, BCTIP project
Human Rights & Governance Sector
Mob :# 01724812292,