Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Name:  Ahsania Mission Children City (AMCC)


Dhaka Ahsania Mission has successfully completed the 5-year long MVDSC project with financial supports of KNH-Germany. The project has covered 486 children from June, 2014 until May 2019. Meanwhile a new five story residential building has been constructed with financial aid of KNH-Germany. It was decided earlier that PNG would provide necessary financial supports to 300 resident children in the newly constructed building. Hence, a project proposal covering a period of two years was prepared and submitted to KNH-Germany for consideration. A contract between DAM and KNH-Germany was signed about floating of the new project “Disadvantaged Children Rehabilitation, Empowerment and Advancement Mission (DREAM)’’ with effect from 01 June 2019 till 31 May 2021. The project will cover 305 children and the framework including all the support services will remain unchanged as they have been in the previous MVDSC project. Some structural and programmatic change may occur in near future. However current number of children the project has covered is 253. The children have already been moved into the new building from the old one.

Dhaka Ahsania Mission with its long experience and expertise in working with street children, has conceived the idea of developing a “Children City” with the objective of rehabilitating these children and allowing them to grow within an enabling environment where they can unleash their latent social energy and exhibit their potentials and creativity. The Ahsania Mission Children City (AMCC) closed on 31 May 2019.

Disadvantaged Children Rehabilitation, Empowerment and Advancement Mission (DREAM) – With financial support of KNH-Germany DREAM project is in implementation for a period of two years (2019-2021) in a newly constructed five story building with 240 children. Based on the learning and challenges of AMCC the new project has been remodeled with key thrust on child protection and child rights.

Objectives of the Project:

The overall objective of the project is to ensure support to “Disadvantaged Children Rehabilitation, Empowerment and Advancement Mission (DREAM)’’ of urban city centers of the country helping them to grow with their full potentials up to 18 years for mainstreaming in the society.

The broad objective of the project is to support and rehabilitate the DREAM Project of urban city centres in selected areas/cities of the country helping them to grow with their full potentials up to 18 years through education and specialized hands-on training on different trades of employable skills and child development services.

Specific Objectives:

  • To ensure social and economic security of helpless, poor and distressed children through establishment of Ahsania Mission Children City (AMCC).
  • To help the enrolled children of AMCC to grow with their in-born potentials and merits through education and training on different trades.
  • To develop of necessary infrastructure and support facilities of Ahsania Mission Children City (AMCC) in selected area.
  • To provide them food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, formal education up to Secondary School Certificate (SSC) level with ethical education and job training on different trades for self employment and wage earning.
  • To motivate to change their attitude and mind set towards high level of moral values & lifestyle to become most worth, responsible & disciplined citizens of the country.

Project Agreement Number26653

Outputs :

  • Children provided full accommodation facilities with socio-economic and legal security.
  • Children enjoyed food, healthcare, water and sanitation, electricity supply support.
  • Children’s in-born potentials and merits are nurtured through talent hunting.
  • Children progressed remarkably in primary education with free learning materials, stationeries and quality teaching support.
  • Children provided socialization support and services with neighboring communities.
  • Children participated in life-skills and child rights orientation sessions.
  • Positive change in children’s attitude, moral, values and lifestyle.
  • AMCC worked closely with government and other non government agencies and are part of several local and national level networks.
  • Practiced participatory efforts in accommodation, socialization, education and cultural events.

Project Components:

  • Education, Skill Training, Self-Dependents, Job Skill and mental Development Support etc.
  • Safe accommodation with necessary protection and participation mechanism is established in Children City.
  • Healthy life, nutrition and personal hygiene are ensured for the targeted children
  • Education, Job Skill and mental Development Support are provided to the targeted children
  • Sustainable Social Reintegration and socialization process developed for the targeted children
  • Multi-level advocacy, networking and sustainability initiatives are functional

Major Activities

  • Conduct needs assessment/baseline survey.
  • Review, modification and finalization of management manual and resource materials.
  • Comprehensive work plan.
  • Organization and facilitation of motivational awareness education sessions for children.

Organization and facilitation of teachers’ trainings.

  • Organize life-skills and child rights training for children.
  • Children’s capacity building trainings/ orientations/motivational awareness education on   various development issues.
  • Organize and conduct AMCC monthly meetings.
  • Organize and maintain AMCC documentation, monitoring & evaluation.
  • Regular participation of children in AMCC activities/discussion sessions. Routine follow up by the AMCC staff.

Project Participants (Direct)

Children (0-10)

Adolescent (11-17)

Youth (18-25)

Adult (26-60)

Senior Citizen (61+)














Project Duration: Ongoing
Financial partner (Donor): DAM own contribution
Implementing partner (if any):  NIL
Project Location/s and number of Field offices:  AMCC, Jalapara, Hafizabad, Panchagarh and Paikpara, Dhaka

Project Budget:
Number of project staffs and volunteers: 29 project staffs (Male- 22 & Female 7).
Contact Person :
Sk. Mahabbat Hossen, Team Leader, Rights and Governance Sector
Email: , Cell: 01716054610