Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Name: “Advocacy for Stronger Road Safety Legislation in Bangladesh.”

Project Introduction:

To reduce the calamity of almost 2000 annual deaths from road-accidents, Bangladesh has developed laws and rules to regulate motor-vehicle use and ideal road protocols. However desired results are yet to be visible due to legal loopholes, ineffective implementation practices, and inappropriate road-use behavior. First legal proceeding concerning vehicle-use took place in independent Bangladesh in 1972 with “Motor Vehicles Act (MVA)-1939”, which reflected “Motor Vehicles Act-1939” and “Motor Vehicle Rules-1940” British Bengal. In 1983, “Motor Vehicles Ordinance-1983” was publicized; and rules were formulated regarding licensing of drivers, licensing the conductors and registration of vehicles; without much alterations from the MVA-1939. Recently a law was passed with a view to updating and amending the 1983 ordinance– the Road Transport Act 2018 (RTA-2018). But there is still gaps in the amended RTA-2018; like- Helmet use for driver and passenger is mandatory but no ‘prescribed type’ (standard) for helmet is set out in the Act; driver and passengers to wear helmet properly (but what is proper is not mentioned) in the Road Transport Act 2018; E-bike is not mentioned in the Act; Drivers are not allowed to drive exceeding  permissible limit but nothing is mentioned regarding urban/rural speed limit and local authorities have not been given any power to modify speed limit under any law; No provision for Child restraint system in the Ordinance of 1983 and in the Act of 2018. So, there are the provisions for regulating helmet use, driving under influence of drink or drug and seat belt use have been made in the RTA-2018 but the standard of helmet, e-bikes, BAC and child restraint system are missing there. The proposed project is focusing with the amendment of the RTA-2018.

Project Agreement Number: BGDXX-RD17-1245

Overall Objective: The project goal is to build support for legislative and policy reforms for improving road-safety in Bangladesh with a focus on strengthening the Road Transport Act (RTA), 2018. The project aims at achieving this goal primarily through advocacy for amending the RTA-2018 with strong measures on key road-user behavioral risk factors. In addition, the project will explore possible opportunities to strengthen the Rules for RTA-2018, which are yet to be notified.

Specific Objectives: The followings will be the specific objectives of the project –

Objective 1: Build political support for strengthening the RTA 2018 through amendments on provisions related to key behavioral risk factors.

Objective 2: Build wider support on the importance of the effective measures on child restraints through strengthening of RTA and its rules.

Objective 3: Build media supports to influence policymakers and different stakeholders for creating enabling environment for RTA-2018 amendment, formulation of rules under it and proper implementation.

Objective 4: Strengthen project staffs capacity and ensure the inter coordination among the other GRSP Grantees on road safety issues.

Major Activities:
1.1.1: Engaging an expert as Consultant for the initiatives.
1.1.2: Advocacy meeting with MoRTB high officials to mobile them to take forward RTA -2018 amendment.
1.1.3: Mobilize MoRTB to formulate a law amendment committee and a working committee to review present RTa-2018.
1.1.4: Advocacy meeting with  other relevant stakeholders (BRTA , BRTOA, National Road Safety Council , Nirapad Sarak Chai ,MoHA ,DTCA, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, DSCC, DNCC)
1.2.1: Organize workshops with working committee to review the RTA-2018, and share recommendations for necessary amendments on the behavior risk factors.
1.2.2: Assist working committee to present the draft for the amendment to the central law amendment committee.
1.3.1: Conduct comprehensive mapping of policymakers and political leaders.
1.3.2: Conduct regular advocacy with the identified policymakers to engage them as road –safety Champion.
1.3.3: Organize tow online discussion meetings engaging the MPs and political leaders.
1.3.4: Organize various campaign programs (human chain/ letter campaign etc) to draw attention of MPs and political leaders on the law amendment issues.
2.1.1: Conduct a study to generate evidence on present scenario of child restraints and identify the possible measures.
2.2.1: Dissemination of the study reports and results with ministry and various stakeholders.
2.2.1: Organize TV Talk Show on the importance to make roads safe for children specially on child restraints issue.
2.2.2: One to one advocacy with policy makers to sensitize them about the importance of the child restraints to ensure safer road for children.
2.3.1: Organize demonstration / campaign programs (Photo exhibition / solidarity/ Children Declaration etc.  on child restraints issues.
2.3.2: Observing significant relevant national and international days and UN Global Road Safety Week.
2.3.3: Organize online (Facebook) live programs engaging policy makers’ govt. stakeholders and victims.
3.1.1: Media Mapping and developing comprehensive media plan to ensure media engagement in building a social movement for road safety.
3.1.2: Organize knowledge sharing meeting (03) with journalist to create strong network with different media for getting media support in road safety initiatives.
3.1.3: Organize press conference on necessity of law amendment.
3.1.4: Developing and utilizing social media platforms for the road safety initiatives.
3.1.5:  Develop communication materials for advocacy and campaign programs focusing on law amendment and rules formulation.
4.1.1: Strengthen project staffs capacity and knowledge on road safety issues.
4.1.2: Monthly coordination meeting to evaluate the project progress and prepare monthly.
4.1.3: Organize and particular in meeting with other GRSP grantees.

Project Scope: National

Project Duration:1 March 2021- 28 February 2023

Financial partner (Donor): Global Road Safety Partnership hosted by IFRC

Project Location/s and number of Field offices: Dhaka

Project Budget: CHF 100,000/- (BDT 9,022,000/-)

Number of project staffs and volunteers: 07

Staff (Regular)

Paid Volunteer

Non-Paid Volunteer

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  Contact Person: Ms. Sharmeen Rahman, Project Coordinator
Email:, Cell: 01920303084