Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Name of the Project: Addressing “Emergency Response for WASH vulnerability of Rohinga settlement in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar”


Project Background:



Violence in Rakhaine state of Myanmar which commenced on 25 August 2017 has driven an estimated 650,000 Rohinga across the border in Teknaf and Ukhiya sub districts of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The scale of this influx has resulted in a serious humanitarian emergency. The people who have arrived in Bangladesh are now needful on food, water and hygienic latrines. Consequently there is no access to adequate water and sanitation facilities, raising the risk of an outbreak of diseases.


Children living at temporary Rohinga shelters in Ukhiya and Teknaf of Cox’s Bazar are falling ill every day mainly due to unhealthy living conditions and lack of safe drinking water. Fever, respiratory tract infection, cough, dysentery, diarrhoea and skin diseases are spreading among the Rohinga, especially the children. Things get even worse when it rains. The polythene over the head either gets washed away or rainwater leaks through it. They get inundated every time it rains. They are eating whatever they ae being given as relief.  They are surviving somehow; but the lack of drinking water is biggest problem according to the recent news. The number of tube wells and toilets set up for the Rohinga is inadequate. According to WASH cluster, the major challenge is to manage the latrines which are filled up and nobody is coming with appropriate solution for faecal sludge management. Another problem is the low depth shallow tube well (STW). These are supposed to be non-functional if the depth is below 60 feet.


The government has established camps in Tekhnaf and    Ukhiaupazilas of Cox’s Bazar district. Some of the camps are government registered but most, particularly the new ones are unregistered, located in surrounding hilly areas to provide shelter to the incoming settlers. Residents of these makeshift camps, particularly women, children and adolescents, apart from food, critically need WASH support.



Project Location:

Name of camp Name of sub district Name of district Country
  • Jamtola
  • Hakimpara
  • Nambalia of Kutupalong
Ukhiya Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh

Duration and start date: 20 January 2018 to 20 March 2018


Beneficiaries’ segregation


Through the proposed project, both male, female and children will be benefitted by the outputs of the project to be generated.Total 21,350 populations of 5,338 households will be benefitted. However, some beneficiaries will get more than one service. 50% of children will be girls’ user.










Project Objectives:


The project will achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide  WASH services to distant Rohinga settlers  camps that are located in more remote places inside the hills;
  • To improve health status of migrated Rohinga people through managing integrated WASH components by reducing water born disease
  • To ensure health aspect of women and adolescents girls’ by promoting community toilets and women friendly bathing corner for maintaining menstrual hygiene management practices.

Expected outcome:


The project will deliver following outcome for addressing Rohinga emergency crisis:

  • Health improvement of migrated Rohinga people will be ensured through reducing water born disease
  • Poor Rohinga people will save extra water collection time as they will have water nearby the homestead.
  • Water collection work burden of women and girls’ children will be reduced a lot for having water at nearby site
  • Health aspect of women and adolescents girls’ will be improved due to availability of community toilets and women bathing corner for maintaining menstrual hygiene management practices.

Expected project outputs:


The top line outputs of the project are described as below:

  • Install 20 shallow tube well -each supports 500 populations to address Rohinga people;
  • Install 4 Deep tube well -each supports 500 populations to address Rohinga people;
  • Installation of 1 girls’ and women friendly community toilets with the available water facilities and MHM facilities;
  • Installation of 75 single pit toilets (5 rings with CI sheet fences and roof);
  • Education and awareness session on water safety plan -source to consumption at different level;
  • Sensitizing for creating their engagement with other stakeholders/agencies to access other services;
  • Installation of 76 hand wash devices at toilet sites;
  • Distribution of 300 hygiene kits to 300 households;
  • Operation and maintenance of 20 STW  and 4 DTW;
  • Installation 4 bathing corners for women and adolescent girls;
  • Enhancing capacity of 24 water point management committee and care takers for regular O&M.


Total Budget: BDT- 5,601,782



Name of Donor: Human Appeal, United Muslim Relief, The Lady Fatema Charitable Trust, taskforce GLM and Dhaka Ahsania Mission-UK


Contact person: Md. Shafiqul Islam



Field Coordinator WASH



Mobile number: 01727-320255