Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Water: Sustainable Urban Provision, Benapole

Project Name: Water: Sustainable Urban Provision, Benapole

Project Introduction:
The United Nations’ Global Goals call for the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.  Yet in Bangladesh, 74 million people (48% of the population) are drinking unclean water (World Bank). 

Bangladesh has made considerable progress in the past 20 years with regards to water supply.  It is estimated that 98% of people have access to an improved water source, such as a tube-wells.  But much of the water is contaminated with health-harming microbes (e.g.,E.coli), naturally occurring heavy metals (e.g., arsenic, iron) or salt.  Lack of access to clean water undermines wider development efforts: ill health caused by drinking contaminated water limits the opportunities for people to attend school, earn an income or contribute to society; intestinal infections caused by drinking dirty water impair nutrient absorption and healthy growth (e.g., 36% of children aged under five in Bangladesh are stunted, the effects of which last a lifetime).

Driven largely by economic migration, from 1987 to 2017 the share of Bangladesh living in urban areas rose from 18% to 36%, roughly one million new urban dwellers annually (World Bank).  Rapid urban growth has resulted in urban dwellers having lower access to clean water (45%) than people in rural areas (61%) (UNICEF/WHO Joint Monitoring Programme 2017).

Consistent with the Global Goals’ ambition that ‘no-one is left behind’, we want to ensure that 4,300 urban dwellers in Bangladesh gain access to clean water.

Project Agreement Number:

Overall Objective:Ensure universal access to sustainably managed clean water in Benapole.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Achieve universal access to clean water in Ward 1.
  2. Improved WASH practice in Ward 1.
  3. Greater capacity in Benapole to drive improvements in sustainable WASH outcomes.


  1. People of Benapole Ward 1 get access to clean water.
  2. People of Benapole Ward 1 have improved WASH practices.
  3. The Benapole municipality has better capacity in future WASH interventions.

Project Components:Installation of Arsenic and Iron Removal Plant water points,Community mobilization, Capacity building, Awareness raising program, MHM piloting, WASH rights ensuring.

Major Activities:

  1. Site selection for 14 AIRP;
  2. Construct 12 community-based AIRP;
  3. Construct 2 educational institution based AIRP;
  4. Provide skills training and mentoring to 6 people/AIRP who will serve as the AIRP management committee.
  5. Monitor all 12 community-based AIRP management committees to ensure that they are implementing their business plan, including the collection of user fees.
  6. Conduct water quality test prior to initial hand-over to the AIRP management committees and conduct six monthly water quality testing thereafter.
  7. Establish 12 WASH Committees in Ward 1, with combined membership of 84 community people.
  8. Provide training to members of WASH Committees to enable them to lead a behaviour change campaign in Ward 1 to improve hygiene, water safety & sanitation practice.
  9. Provide school-based training to address gender inequalities with regards to WASH access, including during menstruation.
  10. Provide knowledge and skills training to members of WASH Committees to improve their ability to claim their WASH rights from duty bearers.
  11. Provide mentoring support to the Water Section of Benapole Municipality.
  12. Facilitate planning and review workshops to include key stakeholders from Benapole Municipality and Ward 1.
  13. Organise a learning visit to Kalaroa for key stakeholders from Benapole Municipality and Ward 1.
  14. Develop a plan in collaboration with the Municipal Council and community members to achieve 100% clean water access in Benapole.
  15. Share lessons from the project at national-level lesson-sharing workshop.

Project Beneficiaries (Direct):3300

Project Duration:1 Year (Started March 2021)

Financial partner (Donor):DAM UK

Project Location/s and number of Field offices:Benapole Paurashava under Jashore District

Project Budget:GBP 47,335

Number of project staffs and volunteers:4

Contact Person:Iqbal Hossain, Project Manager.

Email ID: Phone no: 01731-197241