USAID Team Visits DAM WEA- Project at Khulna and Jessore

Ms. Rowshan Ara Akhter, AOR under Women’s Empowerment Activity (WEA) Project  &Program Budget Specialist and  Ms. Marian Parsons, Agriculture Development Officer, USAID Bangladesh & Ms. Maisha Strozier, Program  Manager, WI-USA, Ms. Zainab Akhter, COP, Ms. Nilufar Sultana,  DCOP, WI WEA visited the WEA project of Dhaka Ahsania Mission at Jagodishpur Union, Chowgacha Upazila under Jessore  District on 27 November, 2016 & Gathvog Union in Rupsha Upazila under Kulna District on 28 November, 2016.

The visitors observed different activities of the WEA Project at the field of Jagodishpur&Gatghvog union.  They talked with the beneficiaries of the project and wanted  about the progress. After discussion, they appreciate of project staffs for giving such efforts towards empowering women.

They also visited Entrepreneurial Literacy Training for Empowerment (ELTE)group at Marua Village, Jagodishpur Union&Alaipur village at Gathvog union. They observed the meeting and talked with participants to know the progress.

After that, they visited the Economic Empowerment for Entrepreneurial Literacy Training for Empowerment women onPoultry, homestead farming, Aquaculture of the WEA project and appreciated the progress. The visitors were happy to observe the improved practices on Women Empowerment and they appreciatedthe linkages between the community, beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

They discussed different issues of women empowermentwith beneficiaries and Local Advisory Committee (LAC) and also learnt about the challenges.Ms. Rowshan Ara Akhter  wanted to know about the progress of the project intervention from the Local Advisory Committee (LAC). She became happy to see the active participation, intention and willingness of the LAC members on empowering women in their community.

Mr. Asaduzzaman, Deputy Director, DAM DFED &ZebaAfroza, Project Coordinator, Dhaka AhsaniaMision  they gave accompany to the team.