To ensure quality education for out of school children lunching ceremony of KAAP-UUP projectheld in Saidpur

Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) with the financial support of King Abdullah Humanitarian Foundation 9KAHF) has been implementing a five-year education project called ‘KAAP-UUP’ in Mirpur, Mohammadpur of Dhaka City and Saidpurupazila of Nilphamari district from July 2020.To ensure quality education and to

Figure 1: Upazila Chairman of Saidpur Upazila Md. Mokhsedul Momin is delivering his speech as a chief guest

share the project activities with government Upazilaadministration and other stakeholder, on 31 March 2021the Inception program of KAAP-UUP project has held atSaidpur UpazilaParishad conference room.

The Inception program has presided over by UpazilaNirbahi Officer of Saidpur Upazila Mr. Md. Nasim Ahamed ,as the chief guest Upazila Chairman Md. Mokhsedul Momin has attended. Besides, as special GuestMd. Shahidul Islam, Chief of DAM Education & TVET Sector, Md. Mostafizur Rahman Siddique, RR&D Office of IsDB, Upazila Secondary Education Officer RehenaPervin, Upazila Education Officer Md. ShahajanMondolare presented.

Figure 2: Chief of Education and TVET Sector and Project Director of KAAP-UUP Project is delivering his speech as special guest.

At the starting of the inception program, welcome speech is given by the Project Manager Md. Modesser Hossain. He told that KAAP-UUP is an integrated project that is funded by King Abdullah Humanitarian Foundation. DAM will provide education services and other NGO partner will also provide vocational training, water & sanitation and primary health care services to the targeted beneficiaries. After the welcome speech, a presentation of KAAP-UUP project has presented by Sk. Shafiqur Rahman, Coordinator

Figure 3: Upazila Education Officer Shahjahan Mandal giving his speech as special guest.

fruitful operation of the project.

Speaking as the special guest, Upazila Secondary Education Officer Ms. Rehena Yasmeensaid that quality education should be imparted in the junior secondary education centers where DAM will run its teaching and learning activities. Education delivery should be learner centric so that they can complete their lessons in the classroom.

Upazila Education Officer Shahjahan Mandal said that we want to give access to education of all children. No one will be missed out. NCTB Books are being provided by the upazila education department in every educational center. If the government education administration and the people’s representatives keep close supervision of DAM education activities, then education activities will be more effective.

Engineer Mostafizur RahmanSiddqui, a representative of the donor organization, highlighted the various activities of the King Abdullah Humanitarian Foundation. He hopes that with the help of his organization and the cooperation of all, the living standards of the slum dwellers will be improved.

Speaking as the special guest : Md. Sahidul Islam, Chief of Education and TEVT of DAM, said that DAM wants to spread the quality of non-formal education across the country. DAM’s multigrade model in non-formal education has already been recognized as an effective model at home and abroad. DAM is working with the government to contribute to the progress of education in the country. Dhaka AhsaniaMissiohighlighted the capabilities and efficiency of the mission. “We will work with the children who have dropped out,” he said, urging field workers to be vigilant. He called upon the local representatives to extend their hands for monitoring, advising and cooperating with the program to maintain the quality of the project.

The chief guest of the meeting, Upazila Chairman Md. Mokhsedul Momin said, “Dhaka Ahsania Mission is a unique voluntary organization in the world which has started working to provide quality education in Saidpur. I hope the dam will work in non-formal education while maintaining quality in slum areas. He thanked the Dhaka Ahsania Mission for organizing this information meeting. He said the main reason for the drop was poverty or financial insecurity. He urged the government and non-government organizations to work for the eradication of poverty through integrated programs. He called for consideration of whether general education as well as technical education could be imparted from the sixth standard onwards, with the aim of developing slum poor students as human resources.

Chairman of the meeting, Upazila Executive Officer Md. Nasim Ahamed said in his speech, “Every NGO needs to hold this information meeting. This leads to awareness and transparency about the core work of the project and the organization. When every aspect of the project is clear to everyone, project implementation is facilitated and accountability is ensured. He added, “The cooperation of the government as well as non-governmental organizations is very important for the overall development of a country.” He praised the role of NGOs in the social development of Bangladesh.

After the presentation of the project at the briefing meeting, access to pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education of out-of-school children in slum areas was ensured, quality education was imparted, creativity of students was enhanced and technical issues were discussed. He expressed his views.

Among others, the meeting was attended by Basic Education Coordinator, Training Coordinator, Field Manager, Technical Officers, officials of various levels of Upazila Administration, representatives of political and civil society, representatives of various professions. Education enthusiasts of different levels including journalists.

Among others, Basic Education Coordinator, Training Coordinator, Reporting and Documentation Officer, Field Manager, Technical Officers of KAAP-UUP project, officials of various levels of Upazilaadministration, representatives of political and civil society, journalists, social professionals, press & electronic media journalists,Education enthusiasts of different levels are also participated.The program was conducted by the Program Officer, Reporting and DocumentationMd. Rizwan Alam.

It is to be noted that KAAP-UUP project of Dhaka Ahsania Mission will provide quality education services to 29,250 disadvantaged children in the slums of Mirpur, Mohammadpur in Dhaka City and Saidpur Upazilain Nilphamari district in the next 5 years.