To build a green developed Bangladesh, 52,040 Saplings Plant with initiative of DAM Education Projects

Taking the slogan “One tree, one life, green Earth developed Bangladesh” the Director General of directorate of Primary Education invited all concern for tree plantation. In this context, under the leadership of Mr. Md. Shahidul Islam, Team Leader of DAM Education Sector, this tree plantation programme has been implemented in different projects of education programmes of DAM. The tree plantation programme was run from 23 to 27 July 2017 with the participation of students, guardians and teachers of the Children Learning Centre along with the members of Community Action Groups (CAG) and Center Management Committees (CMG) with a remarkable enthusiasm. A total number of 52,040 trees have been planted at the campuses of Children Learning Centres (CLC) of 72 Learners & Staffs are in Tree Plantation Upzillas in 26 Districts under the education programmes. Of the total plantation, 23,335 saplings of woody, 20,489  were fruit bearing, and 8216 were medicinal plants. The objectives of the tree plantation were to maintain the ecological balance of Bangladesh, enhancing the beauty of the CLC and inspiring the students, the teachers to plant more trees to get a green fresh environment.

All the members of CLC committees of Union based CLCs, students, their guardians, Area Manager and Technical Officers were present in this plantation programme. Apart from that this program, student and their guardians have planned to plant one fruit plant and one wood plant in their domestic plots in the upcoming monsoon.