Teacher Development

Since 1992 KhanBahadur Ahsunuullah Teachers Training College has been conducting B.Ed programme successfully under the National University. From the beginning This College has been maintaining a high standard of education and training, performing multi-dimensional functions aiming at realizing the objectives of the teacher education curriculum and training. The trainees learn to organize learning resources, device effective curriculum transaction strategies, conduct instructive classroom teaching, evaluate the out come of learning and implement compensate education progress. The competency to prepare teaching aids and their proper are and organize many other educational programmers is also acquired by them.

The B.Ed course is being conducted with an aim of imparting quality teasing and training to produce hardworking, devoted and dedicated teachers imbued with ennobling ideas, zeal and enthusiasm for making worthwhile contribution for raising the standard of teaching at the secondary level of education which has been facing a setback for lack of adequately trained teachers. The main strength of the college is to maintain strong and effective, administrative and management mechanism and pursue co-ordinate teachers. It reached its glorious 23th batch of B.Ed course. Crossing many ups and dawns.

The important features of college training courses are: selection of work techniques, taking steps to accomplish, maintaining classes and exams of B.Ed course, co-curricular activities and practice teaching. The M.Ed course has been started since 1999-2000 session in the same campus under the faculty of education of Ahsunullah University of Science and Technology. This course also reached its 15th year successfully. There are two intakes in M.Ed programmed in a year. This year the result of B.Ed is 96.21% pass where 86 trainees obtained 1st class and 23 got 2nd class. In this year the result of M.Ed is 100% pass. The B.Ed and M.Ed, both course arranged a picnic in the National Park on The all trainees of two courses participated in various interesting co-curricular activities. Like every year the college arranged the literary and cultural week from 14march to 20march. Besides this college has started the digital classroom teaching and making creative questions to make trained the teachers of primary, high school and Maddrassa considering the necessity of teaching learning process.

At present the use of science and technology is increasing fast in our country. As a result of which more importance is given on digital classroom to improve teaching-learning process in education sector. Through creative Questions Examination and evaluation are started. But it is not possible to make trained all subjective teachers. Though our government is trying to make trained all subjective teachers with importance. We know that, two teachers of every school are getting training and teaching aids for digital classroom teaching through the government programme. The teachers are being trained to make and evaluate the creative questions. Recently all primary, higher secondary school and madras’s of Govt, and NGO has included over 8 lacks teachers. But over 60% teachers of them do not possible to teach all teachers about digital classroom teaching, to make creative questions and evaluation. Because it needs much time. But it is high time to teach them for good teaching according to the time and the demand of teaching of children. KATTC has realized that all teachers need to know the clear and vast subjective knowledge and make creative questions. To improve the professional skill and to ensure the quality of education. It has started to train those teachers who wanted to be successful in their noble profession. KATTC has already completed two batches successfully. And it is going to start the digital classroom teaching for the trainees and teachers. KATTC has made a work plan for five years in our country.

Our future plan are, digital classroom teaching the development of subjective skills of the school teachers. Development of creative question. Building network and re-union ceremony of all trainees, training of the school teachers on life skills. Monitoring at all trained Teachers from KATTC and Celebration of Silver jubilee of KATTC.