Strengthening Social Protection Program (SSPP) in Haor Region

Project Introduction:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 as well as Bangladesh constitution has guaranteed basic human rights within the state mechanism. In line with the constitutional provision, Bangladesh Government has a separate ministry to support and promote social protection as a means of basic human rights. Social protection is a basic human rights and it is proclaimed in the United Nation’s.

Social protection is also a fundamental right guaranteed in the constitution of Bangladesh and there is a separate ministry for social welfare as well as a social welfare policy (2005) for social economic development and improvement of life standard for the poor.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh has met significant progress towards reducing income gap, placing it regularly on track to meet the MDG target of halving the share of the population living under US dollar $1 per day by 2015. A significant number of social protection intervention from the government as well as NGOs provide safety nets for the poorest households but they are not fairly implemented. The aim is to ensure social protection and improvement of living standards of the poor. The government has already introduced various social protection program of which the major programs are: Old Age Allowance (OAA), Allowances for Financially Insolvent Disabled (AFID), Allowances for the Widow, Deserted and Destitute Women (AWDDW), Female Secondary School Stipend Program (FSSSP), Employment Generation for Extreme Poor Program (EGEP), Maternal Child Reproductive and Adolescent Health (MCRAH), Primary Education Stipend Program (PESP), Test Relief (TR), Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) and Vulnerable Group Feeding (VGF).

The interventions are mostly cash for work and food transfers, but increasingly relying on cash transfers. These provide either long-term assistance to those unable to work (such as the elderly receiving pensions), or a ‘step’ for poor households to overcome the initial barriers to productive activities (e. g. the Vulnerable Group Development Program me).

Project Agreement Number:  Ref: DAM/EDS/1751.1-3068

Overall Objective:

  • Reformation and strengthening of the social protection system of the country to improve living standard of poor disadvantaged people.

Specific Objectives:

  • To introduce and apply social accountability tools for community monitoring of the social protection programs service delivery system;
  • To increase mass awareness on the social protection system to raise voices, heard and complied grievances;
  • To launch evidence based advocacy at local and national level for influencing reform policies and scale up lessons good practice;


  • Participatory beneficiary process.

Indicator: 90% beneficiaries are rightly selected fulfilling the set criteria during the project period.

  • Effective functioning of grievance mechanism.

Indicator: At least   500 grievances are lodged and settled every year.

  • Issues related to social protection policies and practices are identified.

Indicator: At least 20 policies issues related to social protection policies and practices are identified and documented during the project period.

  • Community feedback accumulated and documented.

Indicators: 300 feedbacks documented and referred.

Major Activities:

  • District Forum Formation
  • Inception Meeting at District Level
  • Advocacy Initiative (Joining with NFSP)
  • School Based Gathering
  • Court Yard Meeting

Project Duration: March 2014- June 2017 (40 months)

Financial partner (Donor): MJF

Implementing partner (if any): N/A

Project Location/s and number of Field offices: 

SSPP Project Office, Dhaka Ahsania Mission, Suveccha-36, Natun Para, Jamalganj, Sunamganj

# Field Offices: 04

Project Budget: 1,70,29,542/-

Number of project staffs and volunteers :

Staff (Regular)

Paid Volunteer

Non-Paid Volunteer













Contact Person:

Name & Designation: Md. Ashraful Alam, PC


Cell: 01734354293