Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Social Development Institutions

Ahsania Mission Children City (AMCC)
Ahsania Mission Children City(AMCC)

In Bangladesh most of the cities and towns particularly the metropolitan cities, have been witnessing the phenomenal growth of the unfortunate slum children over the last three decades. The most vulnerable children (MVC) are mainly parentless or one parent due to broken families of either divorced/separated or abandoned by families and have become abandoned, homeless, shelter less, ill-fed, ill-clothed and devoid of parental care. They are often run-away from homes due to domestic violence, family conflict, poverty, over population, unemployment, family feud, divorced parents (either father or mother alive), river erosion, rural-urban migration due to chronic poverty, floods, droughts, cyclones, rosy dreams and lofty hopes of better job opportunities in the city centers.

An estimate shows that about 3.18 million children of age-range 5- 7 years are involved in works for their survival with meager income that is not enough for having two square meals a day. Having no shelter, food, education, healthcare, social security, parental care, they are subject to be involved into odd jobs like garbage collector, street vendor, porter, begging and other hazardous works for their mere survival. Some of them become victims for trafficking camel jockey in the Middle East countries, child pornography and such other social crimes and illegal activities. Because of such helpless and disadvantageous situation, they are sometimes being used as agents of unlawful political activities either forcefully or on monetary benefits, bomb-making & bomb-throwing, arsoning, looting and burning street vehicles and peoples properties.

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KNH Ahsania Centre for Abandoned Children Destitute Women

Background: DAM is committed to working for the rights of children and women. To stand beside the vulnerable women and abandoned children of the society DAM started a humanitarian project in 2014 at Paikpara Dhaka. The name of the project is KNH-Ahsania Centre for Abanonded Children and Destitute Women. The project was financed by Kindernothilfe-Germany from 2014 till 2019. Women by and large are victims of different kinds of violence by their counterparts. The raped or sexually violated women ultimately become pregnant and give birth to child without acceptance by the society. The mother and child both are at high risk. And in most cases children are abandoned by their mothers for fear of social stigma. DAM has taken initiative to provide support to the most vulnerable and abandoned women and children in Bangladesh.
• Secured and child friendly accommodation
• Safe accommodation for destitute women
• Food
• Pre-natal and post natal care
• Health care supports to children and mothers
• Psychosocial counseling
• Mainstream education for Children
• Literacy and livelihood skills for destitute women
• Game, recreation
• Other necessary support for children and destitute women

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Ahsania Institute of Sufism (AIS)

As a theological academy, Ahsania Institute of Sufism has been running its courses for the last 14 years. It conducts month-long training on ELmeTasaouf among the Alem-Ulema, PirMasayak and Madrasa and college teachers. During the reporting year AIS conducted three regular courses of Elma Tashawaof and two refresher courses. A total of 200 Alem-Imam were trained during this time. On an average, 10 to 20 people come to use its library every day which has an extra-ordinary collection of rare books in Arabic, Persign, Ursu, Bengali and English.

Various government and non-governmental organizations, including the Islamic Foundation and the Imam Training Academy are accepting AIS as a reference and viewing it as an expert. The Islamic Foundation also incorporates the fundamentals of IllmeTasawwuf training in the syllabus of all Imam trainings conducted by the Imam Training Academy. It is recognised at national level as a center of knowledge regarding Sufism, Elem, Tasaouf.

Ahsania Hajj Mission (AHM)

Ahsania Hajj Mission was established in 2004 in collaboration with Global Hajj and Umrah International Corporation, Malaysia. Since 2006, about 2700 Hujjaj have performed Hajj under the banner of AHM. In 2018, AHM has sent 90 persons to perform Hajj. It provided two Hajj packages: (i) Package A and (II) Package B. Under package A, Hujjaj stay close to Haram Sharif in Mecca. It is a 3-star accommodation. In Modina also they stay in 3-star hotels. Under package B, hujjaj are accomodated in a hotel on Ibrahim Al-khalil road, only 500-meters away from Haram Sharif. The accomodation facility in Madina is almost the same.

AHM arranges free Hajj training, distributes free Hajj Guide Book, hires private air-conditioned car for travel from Mecca to Mina to Arafat to Musdhalefa to Jamara to Mecca; takes theam to different historical places and keeps its commitment to the Hajjaj.

Thikana (Shelter Home), Jessore