Shelter Home Support to the Victims/Survivors of Human Trafficking & Illegal Migration

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the cross boarder trafficking and illegal migration of Bangladeshi girls, women and children through the western border areas. Jessore region is one of the most vulnerable regions for trafficking because it is located adjacent to the boarder of the Indian state of West Bengal. Few other reasons of human trafficking and illegal migration are  large-scale rural-urban migration, poverty and recurrent natural disasters.   At least 10000-20000 Bangladeshi women and children are trafficked to India, Pakistan and Middle Eastern countries in every year for trades of sexual slavery &, prostitution and bonded labour.

DAM believes that human trafficking is a gross violation of human rights. Therefore since long past DAM implements comprehensive awareness and sensitization campaigns for the vulnerable communities, government employees, members of civil society organizations and for the elected members of local government bodies. DAM uses both direct and indirect media to disseminate key messages for prevention of human trafficking door to door in the vulnerable unions, upaziilas and districts.

DAM runs the Shelter Home in a two storied own constructed building located near Jessore town which, at a time, can accommodate 60 persons. The repatriated and the rescued victims and the survivors across Jessore, Shatkhira, Jenidah, Khulna and from other areas are referred to DAM Shelter Home by the law enforcing agencies, NGOs, CTCs, Union Parishad, Child Protection Group members and others. Through Shelter Home DAM offers a package of supports and services including safe shelter, food, counseling, education, recreation and capacity building training. For economic rehabilitation DAM provides entrepreneurship development and economic empowerment supports to the rescued and vocational skill trained victims and survivors.

The development goals of DAM Shelter Home supports are:

  • to deliver immediate supports and services to the enrolled victims and the survivors regain their normal social and family life and
  • creation of mass awareness and advocacy for prevention and policy influencing to combat human trafficking and illegal migration in the long run.

Key achievements:

Since inception till to-date a total 1571 among them male 230 and female 1341 victims or survivors of internal & cross boarder trafficking, illegal labour migration and domestic violence were referred and enrolled and received a package of services at DAM shelter home. There are 1366 survivors reintegrated in their family, 112 number of survivors got new job, 176 survivors became small enterprauner, 34 gone to safe home, 1571 were provided non formal primary education ,counseling services provided to 1571. In total 241 persons received vocational training and 448  received life skill training. DAM activities and programs were supported by USAID / Winrock International, UNODC, World Vision, EU,CORDAID, Plan International Bangladesh and the Shelter Home itself.