Remember Hotel Sarina and the social initiatives they took to help street children

Let’s peep back to the lane of our recent memory. On International Mother Language Day, Hotel Sarina invited us to attend their Live Charity Painting Exhibition and honored us with their generous contributions in multiple creative forms. This morning they have donated us books, gathered paintings from renowned artists and guess what? Today, on the international day for street children, they visited DAM head office again to offer another dose of surprise.

They brought 33 artworks with them and donated BDT 1,39,000/- (One lac Thirty-nine Thousand) that they have raised from the auction to Ahsania Mission Children City (AMCC) for comprehensive development of the disadvantaged children. Reversing it, we utilized this opportunity to pay our utmost homage to them for being a socially responsible corporate organization.

At this event, we had the valuable presence of the President of DAM, Kazi Rafiqul Alam & Executive Director, Dr. M. Ehsanur Rahman along with the Chairperson of Hotel Sarina, Mrs. Sabera Sarwar Neena & the General Manager, Mr. Sree. The whole programme was collaborated by the Programme Coordinator of DAM, Sk. Mahabbat Hossen.

We express our utmost gratitude to Hotel Sarina Dhaka for being a consistent ally of AMCC and DAM.