Promoting Culture & rural artisans

Bangladesh historically inherits a great culture and tradition that includes crafts in daily life and livelihood. The rural-based infrastructure has made it a potential ground for the development of numerous items. The items produced by early craftsmen are not only singularly beautiful but also the representative of the country identity, art, heritage, tradition and customs of the country. With the passage of time, new modern styles and designs have been adapted and this has paved the way for a unique blend of the old and the new. Dhaka Ahsania Mission being a reputed NGO in social and human capital development realized the present needs of rural artisans and buyers interest that includes high society and visitors from abroad.

Another tendency that has been observed is to show interest about western styles and designs and adapt the same in life styles which are challenging in promotion of handicrafts and handloom sector of our country as well as conservation of traditional art, heritage and cultural identity Bangladesh. To address those issues DAM launched “Nogordola” in April 2007. “LIVE WITH CULTURAL IDENTITY”, the slogan that Nogordola adopts and has been working for the heritage and cultural promotion, sustainability of handicraft and artisans in line with modern style and technology.

Our Main focus areas are:

  • Benefits of rural Artisans, Craftsman and Weavers
  • Creating of a new dimension of product line
  • Theme based Design works in the products
  • Income generation of Rural people
  • Increasing marketing and sales promotion of traditional crafts to develop opportunities and to provide financial support to the rural community
  • Capacity building of Artisans, Craftsman and Weavers
  • Increasing fashion lifestyle in the people of Bangladesh
  • Continue increasing the Product line as per fashion trend
  • Export local Products to the international market

Our Target people are our Consumers which are basically are Teachers of Universities, Colleges and Schools; Executives of national and multi-national banks; Corporate Officers; Government Executives; NGO Executives; Elite persons of different clubs, chambers, trust funds, Mohila Samity and all other general customers including teenagers, school, colleges boys and girls, children etc.

Within a few years Nogordola becomes one of the leading fashion houses in Bangladesh. It has created a massive demand in local and International market for its quality, color variations, eye catching design and presentation of its products line includes men’s and women’s wear, knit wear, handicraft items, boutique, Leather goods, bamboo, jute and wood made items, candles and a wide ranges of children’s collections. Nogordola, for last five years, being a member of the organization of 10 famous fashion houses ‘Deshi Dosh’, has been conducting its business competently. There are now two super shops in Dhaka and one in Chittagong supervised by Deshi Dosh, in which Nogordola is included. This year Nogordola opened a new branch at Deshidosh, Gulshan link road. This is the 3rd outlet of Deshidosh. In the fiscal year 2012-13 the trade of Nogordola has increased by demand.  In the R & D sector of Nogordola, more skilled and advanced people have been employed. Eminent designers throughout the country exchange words with Nogordola designers, once a week.  This year Nogordola introduced many varieties of Craft items which lead Nogordola into another era besides textile products. For taking dynamic steps in designing and choosing fabrics increased the customers this year. Nogordola organized three Dress Fair at Drik gallery last year. Nogordola has successfully achieved the target this year. For the last two years Nogordola is exporting their products to UK. Nogordola is conducting a successful business in UK productively. Nogordola has established a strong position in international market arena. Nogordola’s product have made a solid impact on immigrant Bengalis and foreigners in UK. Last year Nogordola put its steps in the one of the biggest Super Shopping Mall in Asia ‘Jamuna Future Park’ which is situated at Kuril, Dhaka. Almost all international and national brand shops are there.

In the coming fiscal year, Nogordola is going to put its step in two more showroom ms in Dhaka and a showroom in Sylhet is in the plan.  We have target to export our products also in USA, Canada and Australia market. We dream Nogordola will be a leading fashion house in Bangladesh.