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Disaster Manager, Oxfam Humanitarian Capacity Building (OHCB) Project, DMU, DAM

I have got B.Sc (Hons) from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, MBA-HRM( USTC), MS in Disaster Management(DU-Studing), PLME(Participatory Livestock management and extension)-Denmark, and more then 12 years of experience in livelihood development and disaster management program. I worked national NGO (BRAC-PLDP & Proshika), international NGO (CARE-Bangladesh-FoSHoL Project and RFLDC-DANIDA). Now, I am working as Disaster Manager at Oxfam Humanitarian Capacity Building (OHCB) project at Dhaka Ahsania Mission. Module development, strenthening DMCs regarding SoD-DMA, humanitarian services-like emergency response,emergency policies development, early recovery, rehabilitation, DRR, CCA as a trainer, manager, coordinator, monitoring and documentation, activities, Gender policy, Woman forum, Emergency response, Contingency plan and stock, warehouse management,  CRA/URA/JNA/EMMA conduction, Disaster management, developed training module/curriculum through need assessment, developing strategy, long and short term goal, Planning, budgeting, reporting, leading, monitoring and documentation,  PP writing Facilitation  and other training materials, module development and hold the management position to implement the project. Next month I will be joined at DFED/MFP, DAM.

  1. MajorTraining got on Farmers Field School(Danida),Agri-business and value chain analysis (from Innovision ), Business development(from IBM),Financial Management(From Danida),Emergency response and early recovery(ERF-UNDP),DRR& CCA/JNA/Gender policy/ Disaster Management/SoD&DMA, EMMA(From OXFAM), Human Rights(BITA), Team building(CARE),Report writing(CARE), Project Proposal writing(bdjobs.com), Project Management, formation and development of PG(Producers’ Group),Business development(From IDE).