Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

Project Name: Humanitarian WASH for Rohingya Refugees and Host Communities, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Project Introduction:

Since August 2017, violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state has driven and estimated 655,000 Rohingya across the border to Teknaf and Ukhiya Sub-District of Cox’ Bazar, Bangladesh. This influx of refuses is in addition to an estimated 276,000 people who had migrated previously from Rahane state.

While the rohingya refugees have found safety, their living condition are pitiful, with such a large population living in close proximity, there is particular concern about the ongoing provision of clean sanitation. Working in jhamtuli camp at the request of camp authorities, the project will rehabilitate 130 pit-latrine that have fallen into disrepair and de-sludge 70 latrines where chess-pits are overflowing with excreta.

Consistent with government of Bangladesh requirements, this project will additionally work in a community neighboring the refugee camps, Telkhola village, repairing 50 toilets that have fallen into disrepair, building 15 new toilets for particularly poor households and constructing 6 new tube wells.
Complementing the hardware provision in both the refugee camp and host community will be a behavior change campaign to improve hygiene practice. User groups will additionally be trained to ensure the ongoing operations and maintenance of installed hardware.
In light of the ongoing pandemic, additional activities will be undertaken to promote the need for ongoing COVID secure behaviors.
Project Agreement Number:
Overall Objective:
Through these project, 10500 beneficiaries will have access to safe drinking water and toilet facilities. In addition, the project will ensure the availability of safe drinking water and sanitary latrines with the participation of all sections of the community, and enhancing the skills of the community, raise community awareness through hygiene promotion, water safety and sanitation training at the community level. This will reduce open defecation and improve health.
Specific Objectives:

  • Ensuring safe drinking water for disadvantaged people in the project area.
  • . Ensuring safe sanitation services for disadvantaged people.
  • To tackle water borne diseases and other infectious diseases by raising awareness about water safety through the participation of all classes of people in the community.
  • To improve the health by following the hygiene rules and to ensure the number of safe service users with the facility of washing hands with soap and water.
  • Reducing infectious diseases by raising awareness about menstrual hygiene through the participation of adolescents and women.


  • People from all communities in the project area will have access to safe drinking water
  • Safe sanitation services will be ensured for all disadvantaged people.
  • The prevalence of water borne diseases and other infectious diseases will be reduced.
  • Adolescents and women will be able to reduce the incidence of various infectious diseases through regular menstrual hygiene
  • Open defecation will be reduced and the health of the people in the project area will be improved.
  • The people of the project area will financially be benefited.
  • The project will play an important role in the development and conservation of the environment in the project area.

Project Components: Water, Sanitation and hygiene.
Major Activities:

  • Repairing of toilets
  • Installation of deep tube well for unserved area
  • Installation of new toilets
  • Awareness session on water safety
  • Awareness on hygiene promotion including handwashing demonstration
  • Awareness session on MHM
  • Training to hardware management committee
  • Project launching workshop
  • Day observation

Project Participants (Direct):

Children (0-10)

Adolescent (11-17)

Youth (18-25)

Adult (26-60)

Senior Citizen (61+)

498 473 305 343 1002 927 698 824 293 310

Project Duration: 12 Month (1 March 2021 to 28 February 2022)
Financial partner (Donor): Dhaka Ahsania Mission-UK
Implementing partner (if any): N/A
Project Location/s and number of Field offices: Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar. Number of Field offices: 01(one)
Project Budget: BDT= 57,92,781/-
Number of project staffs and volunteers:

Staff (Regular) Paid Volunteer Non-Paid Volunteer
03 01

Contact Person:
Md.Mahafuz Alom, Project Manager, HWRR&HC Project
Email:, Cell: 01718-543649