The health sector focus remains around primary health care, water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), addiction management covering prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. DAM health sector will provide health services to the target groups. The target groups are male, female and children substance usersand recovering drug users. AMIC continue evidence-based medical detoxification protocol for safe management of acute symptoms of withdrawal syndromes for substance abusers with related medical, psycho-social, vocational, and legal problems. In addition to counseling or psychotherapy, required medication and services are arranged like family therapy, parenting advice, vocational rehabilitation, and social and legal services. Life skills training provided during treatment and rehabilitation period. DAM health sector fully focus on both qualitative and quantitative attainment of delivering specified primary health care services based on the national expanded Essential Services Delivery (ESD+) package. The package comprises of i) maternal health care, ii) population and family planning services, iii) neonatal health care, iv) child health care, v) reproductive health care, vi) adolescent care, vii) nutrition, viii) communicable and non communicable disease control, ix) limited curative care, x) behavior change communication, xi) diagnostic services and emergency transportation, xii) violence against women and other ancillary services. As far as attainment of MDGs are concerned, enormous emphasis is put on maternal, child and adolescent health care, family planning services, nutrition and BCC.Awareness raising activities are undertaken consistently using national standard IEC/BCC materials for prevention of other communicable and non-communicable diseases including tobacco control, HIV prevention & testing and TB control programs, mental health program, road accident prevention etc at the community level through direct interventions and also in partnership with the hospitals and other institutional services. DAM will also introduce e-Health, m-Health and telemedicine and automated all the systems. In the health sector, DAM established and run following five specialised institutions. For details function of the institutions, please browse links _ Ahsania Mission Cancer & General Hospital (AMCGH), in Mirpur, functional since 2001 _ Ahsania Mission Cancer & General Hospital (AMCGH), Uttara _ Addiction Management & Integrated Care (AMIC), since 2004 _ Ahsania Mission Institute of Medical Technology (AMIMT), since 2008 _ Hoque Bulu Ahsania Hospital, Patuakhali, started journey in 2013