Eid gift distribution program: Spreading happiness among unprivileged, street and working children amidst pandemic in Dhaka city

Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) has arranged Eid gift distribution program to 150 street and working children of Drop-in Centre (DiC) and Rangdhanu UCLC beneficiaries on May 7-11, 2021. The program was held three different area of Dhaka. The initiative was taken to give a gift of smile to the little angels with the financial support of Projects for Humanity (P4H). Projects for Humanity (P4H) is a USA basis (501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives and well-being of underprivileged individuals and communities through humanitarian support, free medical treatment, education, and developmental assistance.

The program was started with a welcoming speech delivered by Md. Amin, Project Officer of DiC Project, DAM who expressed his deep gratitude to Projects for Humanity and eagerly desired friendly collaborations work with Projects for Humanity in future. The Eid gift distribution was inaugurated by Dr. Ziaul Haq Adnan, Assistant Professor of IUB and Country Coordinator of Projects for humanity, expressed his feeling as “You (the children) looks so beautiful in new dresses. When you will grow up you would remember this duty of being humane for other children as you are right now. Now corona pandemic created panic among us you should wear Musk to keep us stay safe.”Mr. Jubair Hasan Shuvro, Co-founder of Parity told “A smiley-faced child is a blessing gift of society. We have brought this happiness from the present wealthy responsible person and will continue to bring this happiness to other children”.

The Eid dress packages include Panjabi, Pajama, Shirt, pair of pants,pair of shoe , and one musk for each boy children and one frock and dupatta , three Pcs ,pair of shoe and one musk for each girl children. The kids were ecstatic to get the new dresses and others elements in their hands. The gift packages includes 1kgpolao rice, suger1kg, Powder milk 200 gm, vermicelli 2 packs, Noodles 1 packs, nut and dry grape. The Eid celebration packs allocated total in 3.5 kg for per family. Each of the children has received dress and gift packs that value minimum 1500taka in money.

 We are heartily blessed, esteemed, and delighted to be a part of such happy moments of the little ones at Mohamm adpur and Jatra bari area of Dhaka City. Tough times like this pandemic haven’t been able to diminish our enthusiasm to help those who are in dire need more than ever. Thus, we organized Eid for unprivileged children particularly Street and working Children like we did every year. We are optimistic to bring smiles and support the underprivileged street children to enjoy a happy Eid even during this lockdown and pandemic situation.

Eid means happiness. We can realize its significance by sharing the joy with others, especially with the underprivileged ones. When the street and working children received the Eid gift it seemed that they had gained the moon in their hands. Their innocent smiling faces showed such types of happiness that we can’t explain it in word. There is nothing more expensive than a smile on kid’s face. Fayez, a working child of DiCJatrabari said, “I am very happy today. I never thought I would be able to wear new dress in this Eid as pandemic forced us to live in very distress”. Like Fazez, all children have expressed their gratitude to all who connected in this program. “During the Covid-19 pandemic situation, many families lose their income source and lead a miserable life. We can’t bring a smile to each of these families but we try to bring a little change by aiding them” Md. AL-Amin, Project Officer of Drop in Centre project.

The events were successfully organized and thanks to the hard work and dedication of Jubair Hasan Shuvro,Co-founder of Parity and volunteer of Projects for Humanity (Managed whole program and was connected as well as concern for the child), Md. Shahidul Islam, Chief of Education Sector (for guiding us in souls and mind),Md. AL-Amin, Project Officer of DiC project ( connected with P4H and arranged the program) and the team DiC & Rangdhanu UCLC who worked tirelessly to put smiles on the faces of the underprivileged children and make their Eid more memorable.