Education and hygiene materials distribution

Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) implementing a project titled `Effort for Orphan Children Development’ (EOCD) at Debhata Upazilla in Satkhira Districtwith the financial support of Penny Appeal UK. On 05/1/2021among the most vulnerable orphan children at hadipur DAM office premises.The main objectives of the project are to reduce school dropout rate, child marriage, traffcking and abuses from the commucnity through the implementation of EOCD project activities. Children from five unions are very happy at the beginning of new year-2022 after they have received school and hygiene materials.Many guardians cannot manage education materials for their children timely due to the unemployment and unsufficient income source but Penny Appeal has made them free from these tensions and challenges through the implementationof EOCD project activities. This support will encourage and help them to go to school and enjoy their rights.“I am very happy that orphan children are getting wonderful supports from Dhaka Ahsania Mission and it is their blessing to reach their goals-said – Nasrin Jahan, Women and Child Affair Officer, Debhata Upazila.” She also added that we don’t want to see any child marriage case at Debhata upazila and if any child marriage case happens local administration will immidiate action against it. The project distributed ecucation materials (note book-7pcs, pen-12 pcs, pencil-5 pcs, eraser-4 pcs, sharpener-4 pcs&scale-1 pc for per child) and hygiene materials (wheel detergent power-1 kg & lux soap-02 pcs per child) in Nowapara, Sakhipur, Debhata, Parulia and Kulia unions under Debhata upazila, Satkhira.