Deputy Commissioner of Jessore District attended at inauguration ceremony of ELTE Classes

On June 17, 2016 Dr.Md. HumayunKabir, Deputy Commissioner, Jessore attended at the ELTE opening ceremony classes as a chief guest at Chandpur village,Arabpur union, Jessore sadar, Jessore.

He observed the session and wanted to know about the project activities and goals. He talked with project beneficiaries and local stakeholders and appreciated their involvement with the project.  He delivered his valuable speech during the session. He said that “Empowering women is a precondition to achieve sustainable development goal. Hopefully the project will play vital role to empower this underprivileged women through providing knowledge and skill on agriculture and micro enterprises. This is very innovative project and thanks to Dhaka Ahsania Mission for implementing this type of project in Jessore area. ”.  He also requested to all local government and related stakeholders to extend their cooperation to ensure successful implementation of the project.

Honorable Deputy Commissioner conveyed his thanks to USAID & Winrock International to meet-up the Bangladesh Govt. 2041 vision for women’s empowerment. He also said that without academicknowledge and skill of a work a country can’t develop. Now education is the rights for every child.

Once women were restricted to go to outsideand forced them to engage only in household courses. Now the days the perception of the society is changing rapidly regarding women’s roles in the family and country.   In this new era women’s are going outside for doing work with GO/NGO’s and they becoming successful entrepreneur through taking different micro initiatives.


He went through the ELTE curriculum and said this curriculum is very effective and useful tools for empowering women.  And he hopes that class participants will gain their education, knowledge and skill during this training and improve their life style.

ADC (Education), UNO Jessore sadar , UP Chairman, Arabpur Union, Local Advisory Committee Members also attended at the ceremony session and gave their valuable speech.