Competency Based Training and Assessment

A group of DAM-VTI Managers and Instructors participated in the CBT&A training course held on July & August, 2015 at BKTTC, Chittagong.

Recently the Government of Bangladesh has introducing the Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) system with National Technical and Vocational Qualification Framework (NTVQF) in the TVET sector. DAM has taken up the opportunity and initiatives to properly implement the CBT&A system in the DAM-TVET institutions.

Accordingly 15 nos. of DAM-VTI managers and instructors have participated in the CBT&A training course held on 28/07/2015 to 08/08/2015 and 14 nos. have participated held on 18/08/2015 to 28/08/2015 conducted by Bangladesh-Korea Technical Training Centre (BKTTC) at Nasirabad, Chittagong. In the training sessions the significant unit of competency covered are: work effectively with in Bangladesh TVET sector, promote inclusive learning and apply occupational safety & health (OSH) practices in a CBT&A environment, maintain training equipment & facility, design & modify CBT learning material & resources, organize competency based training sessions, deliver competency based training, design competency based assessment etc. The DAM-VTI managers and instructors have successfully completed one part of the training course. As it is a continuous process after fully completion of the CBT&A training courses it will be easier to implement the CBT&A system with more effectively and efficiently in the vocational training institutes (VTIs) under Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM).

However to providing the skill training courses DAM has built partnership with some national and international NGOs and private organizations to contribute in the TVET sectors with better & wider ways. As we know that a huge number of working population of our country is unable to work properly in any sector due to their lack of skills. On the other hand all the sectors are suffering due to non-availability of skilled workforces. DAM has significantly considered this issue and providing skill training services through 05 Vocational Training Institutes (3 at Dhaka, 1 at Gazipur and 1 at Jessore) on 12 occupations in the certificate level and through Ahsanullah Institute of Technical & Vocational Education & Training (AITVET) at Dhaka city on 08 technologies in the diploma level. The course curricula emphasize more than 80% in practical works and 20% in theoretical knowledge & safety rules in certificate level. On the other hand in diploma level the practical works is 60% and theoretical is 40%.

Further, Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) has set strategic plan (2015-2025) with some strategic goals, objectives and specific targets. To achieve those, initiatives taken for starting new VTIs with present & future needs of skill training courses and also adding new trades in the existing VTIs. On the other hand establishing a new polytechnic institute at Rajshahi and after that two more will be established in Khulna and Chittagong. Besides these another significant initiative also taken to establish an ‘Ahsanullah Technical Teachers’ Training College’ which will be the centre of excellence for TVET teachers/trainers to implement global standard certified training. The present Ahsanulla Institute of Technical & Vocational Education & Training (AITVET) operating in Dhaka city will be shifted at Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka with a wide activities. The whole initiatives or activities will support and ensure to implement the CBT&A system in TVET sector.