Call for donation to rehabilitate street children

Well-off people have been requested to come forward to donate towards the rehabilitation of the street children in the country. Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) President Kazi Rafiqual Alam came up with the appeal while addressing a press conference on Saturday at DAM’s auditorium in Dhaka.

Sharing the salient features of the unique initiative – Ahsania Mission Children City at Panchagor-composed of 10 Children-Villages of 1000 street children each, DAM President said, approximate cost of each village is taka 13 crore, and it is not possible on the part of the Mission alone to construct the Children City. He requested the rich people to donate any amount of money they want towards the construction. There are provisions to donate a whole building, a part of it or even a floor or a room to serve the humanity. He said Zakat funds are also accepted for the distressed street children.

The Children City is long-term project – unique in its nature. Street Children of 06-18 years of age are enrolled there and are given vocational and extracurricular trainings on top of regular education. Sharing his experience of building successfully the Ahsania Mission Canter Hospital with help of mass people, DAM President said, DAM has gained the confidence of the common people and it does not break its promise to work for the distress humanity.

DAM president concluded his remarks by calling upon the media to extend their support in publicizing the appeal for donation for the Children City.