Workshop, Seminar and Conference Division

The Institute will regularly conduct workshops, seminars and conferences on various aspects of lifelong learning.  These will be conducted at the national, sub-continental and international level.  Such programs will connect the university with leading institutions abroad working with the same objective.  It will also facilitate developing Memorandum of Understanding with leading institutions of the world.

TheInstitutewill be headed by a Director not below the rank of Pro-Vice chancellor. He/She will be directing the affairs of the Institute with complete authority and independence. TheInstitute will be provided with a budget to meet the various program expenses including holding of workshops, seminars and symposia, offering of courses including advertising for the same in the mass media and  travel costs within Bangladesh and visits abroad for liaison with various organizations . The   Director will behaving office staff including a secretary.There shall be a Deputy Director   of the rank of an associate professor /assistant professor who will assist the Director in implementing the programs of the Institute. There shall be a Project Officer   belonging to an assistant professor’s rank who will look after   specific projects. There shall be an Office Accountant   who will keep an account of the day to day  income and expenditure of the Institute. There shall be a librarian to take care of the libraryand the archive.