Strategic Plan 2015-25

  1. DAM’s strategic goal for the next ten years is as follows: “In next 10 years, DAM will reinforce Dhaka Ahsania Mission’s identity as a Movement for change in the living conditions of the disadvantaged and suffering people in Bangladesh and the neighbouring region, demonstrating DAM’s core values while providing high quality, affordable and most appropriate services and care. To deliver this goal, DAM will strengthen its leadership capacity across all DAM organizations and programmes and develop a common institutional framework which unites and creates synergy among the diverse range of institutions and initiatives to deliver quality services and care through expansion and consolidation of present work with fairness, accountability and transparency, communicating a common vision and identity to all DAM stakeholders.” At the heart of this goal, there are two key elements that will drive it:
  2. Governance and leadership to steer the organisation as a coherent whole, closely knit together by the core values and principles of DAM. To achieve this, a steering team will be set up with participation of appropriate executives (supported by a small complement of staff set up) to work closely with the President. The team, under the guidance of the President, will function as a corporate management body comprising 6-8 senior leaders/CEOs from different DAM entities/institutions who will provide coordinated corporate leadership on major issues of mutual interest and facilitate synergistic collaboration among all DAM institutions and programmes.
  3. Development of leadership at various levels within the organization. Organizational coherence can only come through strong leadership in every part of the organization working collaboratively and ‘corporately’ – i.e., all leading the organization toward the same overarching goal as enshrined in the founding aims. Towards this end, DAM will develop a comprehensive leadership development plan integrated with a succession plan which will also incorporate development of second-line leadership for various entities and organizations under the DAM umbrella.
  4. To deliver the strategic goal, the following two sets of strategic objectives (institutional and programmatic) were formulated by DAM. The first set of objectives will provide a common framework which can be used by all institutions and entities to strengthen their own individual mandate as well as create (and benefits from) synergies within the DAM family. The second set of objectives (which are programmatic) emerged from context analysis, including analysis of post-2015 emerging issues, review of DAM’s Perspective Plan, lessons, SWOT analysis, and DAC 2014 recommendations.